A dance created for the blind and visually impaired dancers

Choreographer Shiri Teicher created a dance without sight

Blind day at the Tower of David Museum
Jerusalem's Old City accessible for visually impaired on 'Blind Day'

“Jerusalem is the city of all people, and everybody should be able to tour the city and enjoy it in the same manner,” Nati Bialystock-Cohen said.

Most bus stations in Israel are not friendly to the visually impaired

116 stations were examined: only 18 of them showed in braille which lines stop there, 30 partially featured the bus lines in braille, and 68 had no braille at all.

A SCENE from Klil’s new commercial
Klil produces blind-specific TV ad

For the first time, there will be a television commercial specifically designed for the blind population, produced by Klil Industries.

A visually-impaired OrCam user demonstrates using the technology to vote
Israeli tech to enable blind voters to cast ballot without assistance

There are approximately 24,000 Israelis registered as blind today, and about 22,000 currently have the right to vote.

A visually impaired woman enters a McDonald's chain restaurant, 2019.
McDonald's RightHear app helps navigation

RightHear is an advanced spatial orientation solution for people who are blind or visually impaired.

The Israel Guide Dog Center
How do the blind cope with Israeli life? - mini documentary

The visually impaired report a range of difficulties, from blurry vision to total blackness. Now guide dogs, after much training, can help them live fuller lives.

A visually impaired woman enters a McDonald's chain restaurant, 2019.
McDonald's first visually impaired-accessible food chain in Israel

The blind and visually impaired community in Israel includes approximately 200,000 people today.

On the slopes: Wheelchair-bound skiers are strapped into special chairs and taught to ski at stagger
Free to ski

“Being disabled causes people to lose their self-confidence,” he explained. “The Erez Foundation gives it back to you.”

Stevie Wonder visits with Israeli start-up RightHear at a convention in California
Tech Talk: Reaching higher ground with RightHear app

Thanks to RightHear free app, people who are blind or visually impaired can navigate independently in public spaces such as universities, hospitals, airports and shopping malls.

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