Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality installs sidewalk LED lights to protect 'smartphone zombies'
Technion develops mapping system to assist blind in navigating cities

While similar solutions do exist in the marketplace today, the research surrounding said solutions is currently limited in scope from where it needs to be.

special in uniform
Daniel's story: The IDF's newest recruit with vision impairment

Daniel Defour, who went blind at the young age of 15, became one of the few vision impaired youth to be inducted into the IDF.

Spotlight on Israeli startups - Corneat Vision - artificial cornea

Corneat Vision can help over 60 million blind eyes around the world.

BLIND ISRAELI runner Avi Solomon (left) trains with his partner Ariel Goldsmith
Out of sight, not a problem

Blind Israeli runner Avi Solomon and his team travel to England to compete in London Marathon.

By Uriel Sturm
A visually-impaired OrCam user demonstrates using the technology to vote
Israeli tech to enable blind voters to cast ballot without assistance

There are approximately 24,000 Israelis registered as blind today, and about 22,000 currently have the right to vote.

A visually impaired woman enters a McDonald's chain restaurant, 2019.
McDonald's first visually impaired-accessible food chain in Israel

The blind and visually impaired community in Israel includes approximately 200,000 people today.

A researcher uses a microscope
Israeli researchers identify symptoms of progressive blindness

Five Israelis diagnosed with blindness disease once seen only in lab mice.

‘Humans of Tel Aviv’ demystifies a misunderstood people

Nalaga’at, which means “please touch,” was initially the world’s only theater company exclusively for deaf-blind actors born primarily with Usher’s Syndrome.

Prof. Yaakov Pe’er
Hadassah ophthalmologist to receive award for fight against blindness

The prestigious award honors the 100th-anniversary celebrations of the department.

Israeli medical services
Israeli doctors give the gift of sight

Ayana, 3, is one of some 3,000 Ethiopians who have been cured of eye disease by an Israeli medical team

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