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Passover hametz controversy 'crummy' excuse for Idit Silman - opinion

Idit Silman learned the wrong lesson! The Holocaust shows the dangers of giving the state too many coercive powers violating individual autonomy.


Tuscany matzot for Passover

Matzah is regarded as “poor man’s bread,” symbolic of our slavery in Egypt, and the lack of flavor emphasizes this.


Will Israel's government be brought down by bread? - opinion

Many point to the hametz crisis as the catalyst which brought this coalition government to its knees. Yet, I argue this should be looked at through a wider lens.


Passover: Don't forget to be happy despite the anxiety, humras - opinion

Of all the hagim, Passover is clearly the one that elicits the most anxiety and trepidation.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Focaccia & frena

This week, I chose to focus on flatbreads: focaccia from Italian cuisine and frena from North African cuisine.

Tour Israel: Har Hanegev

Agritourism has really taken off in the Har Hanegev region.


On Tu Bishvat, the new year of trees, try some new bread

Just as with life, baking bread can be a reminder that you are only partially in control – however much you want to feel otherwise.


In the grain: Festive food of routine

The Jewish year is filled with festivals, each with its own customary, hallmark food - here is a recipe for country bread.


Pascale's Kitchen: Start up your sourdough

Check out three new bread recipes, each made in a different and innovative way.

An Israeli flag is spread out on top of the president's residence for Independence Day

Grapevine September 17: Nasi jubilee

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

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