Chief Rabbi David Lau

Agunah not consulted in failed attempt to obtain divorce by burial delay

No formal case was opened by Chief Rabbi Lau or Supreme Rabbinical Court judge Rabbi Aharon Katz through which to conduct an agreement with the divorce refuser’s family members.

David Lau
Chief Rabbi prevents 10-year-divorce refuser from burying his mother

“This is the most severe case of Agunah for over a ten years in which the husband totally refuses to allow his wife to continue her life."

Grandfather to IDF: Make prayer for soldiers' welfare for females, too

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau told the grandfather that his request would be evaluated by the Chief Rabbinate.

David Lau
Grapevine: Feting Jerusalem

FOR MAYOR Moshe Lion, Jerusalem Day activities began on Thursday of last week and continued for several days.

 Chief Rabbi David Lau gives an address Day of Liberation and Rescue from Nazi Germany at the Wester
Celebrations staged for Day of Liberation and Rescue from Nazi Germany

Thousands of people around the world took part in ceremonies this year marking the Hebrew date for the end of the Second World War in Europe and the surrender of Nazi Germany.

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