Miki Zohar: Feels like coalition with Blue and White might collapse soon

"This is like a couple who wants a divorce and are about to sign on it any minute," Coalition chairman Miki Zohar claimed.

MK Miki Zohar voting in favor of his bill to cancel limitation on number of ministers
Coalition chairman expresses support for Supreme Court Override Clause

The Blue and White party stressed that they would "not allow anti-democratic legislation."

Knesset Coronavirus Committee Chair MK Yifat Shasha-Biton (Likud)
Zohar to remove Shasha-Biton, sanctions Likud MKs

The series of disciplinary actions led to heavy criticism from one Likud MK, protest from another, and denunciation by opposition MKs of what were described as Zohar’s heavy-handed actions.

 Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv K
Why isn't the Defense Ministry responsible for war against COVID-19 yet?

Where is Gantz? The IDF can handle this fight, and he knows it. He should fight for it.

Orit Farkash-Hacohen (Blue and White)
Minister to ‘Post’: There is a ramp up of attacks on Israel’s legitimacy

Strategic Affairs Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen was in conversation with Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief Yaakov Katz.

Prime Minister Benjamn Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz at the swearing in of the new gove
The contrast between the government and the public

We believe Netanyahu should be treated like all his predecessors. But that does not explain the need for the APM and the benefits creating that role afford.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz arrive at the Knesset ple
Likud: Blue and White gave in on dispute in coalition

Netanyahu wants to open the coalition deal to ensure that he would remain prime minister if elections are held.

THE NEW coalition agreements are a sad moment in the life of the State of Israel and of the Jewish p
A coalition that will escalate Jewish disunity

Netanyahu, Gantz and their partners know that this ongoing surrender to the ultra-Orthodox parties is in complete betrayal of the Israeli public’s will, including that of their own voters.

Gantz to set up vice PM office in addition to Defense Ministry

Office to cost Israeli taxpayers millions, to be led by Gantz's top aide from army days, Hod Betzer.

Netanyahu's procrastinating no longer pays off - analysis

What Netanyahu put his ministers through will result in him having new enemies in the party

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