Comptroller Report

Millions of shekels wasted on unbuilt residence for PM

Had the project been built, protests would not be taking place in a residential neighborhood.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen
The Mossad explodes with growth while IDF shrinks - report

State Comptroller report is extremely rare and detailed disclosure of usually classified internal Mossad proceedings and debates regarding long-term future of the organization.

RESIDENTS OF the South take cover last week after hearing sirens warning of incoming rockets from Ga
Israelis near borders still don’t have access to shelters - report

Public shelters found to be inadequate for 2.6 million citizens, evacuation plans are incomplete, says State Comptroller’s Report.

State comptroller to review gov't's conduct in coronavirus crisis

The review will look into the conduct of relevant authorities and areas in which the coronavirus pandemic has been managed.

U.S. President Trump and Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu at the unveiling of Trump's "Deal of the
Israel lacks national foreign policy strategy, comptroller warns

Englman also criticizes Finance Ministry for trying to close seven diplomatic missions without doing research on how it will influence Israel's foreign relations

An empty hospital bed at Hasharon Hospital
'Coronavirus highlights urgency to fix Israel’s broken healthcare system'

Comptroller: ‘It is recommended that the various offices work to simplify unnecessary bureaucratic procedures’

New comptroller changes makeup of committee ruling on PM legal fees

Previous c’tee rejected Netanyahu’s request to finance defense with tycoon donations.

The comptroller revolution no one saw coming - Analysis

12 years ago, Micha Lindenstrauss took the office of the state comptroller from obscurity to prime time.

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