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 View of the Jewish Agency headquarters in Jerusalem,

The Jewish Agency: A global Jewish enterprise or Israeli political patronage?

The time has come to ask: Is the role of the Chair of the Jewish Agency to serve as a global Jewish leader, or merely to function as political patronage to solve domestic coalition challenges?


Elazar Stern: We must create special status for visiting Jews

Intelligence Minister says entry must be made easier to reflect Israel’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Jewish Agency chairman selection deadline likely to be extended

Lapid's bad press for appointing family members makes Wednesday's deadline especially problematic.


The Jewish Agency needs a unifying leader at the helm - opinion

The new leader of the Jewish Agency must address critical issues of concern to all Jews, rather than focusing on divisive agendas that will only serve to alienate various groups of Jews.


Agency decides to let new candidates join race til November 17

The Jewish Agency election committee refuses Lapid request for four more months to field a new government candidate in place of Elazar Stern.


Jewish Agency candidates frustrated as Lapid pushes to delay vote

Former agency candidate Elazar Stern quit the race after he realized he had no chance to win, due to the scandal over his boasting that he shredded anonymous complaints in the IDF. 


Bennett to coalition: Don’t rock the boat before budget vote

'There is no point in rocking the boat,' the prime minister said, urging members of his government not to fight with each other until the state budget passes into law on November 4.


Nachman Shai to be considered for Jewish Agency Chairman

Shai is among several candidates to head the Jewish Agency since Elazar Stern withdrew his candidacy last Tuesday in the wake of a scandal regarding anonymous IDF complaints.

Jewish Agency finalists to be decided Monday

Lapid left Washington for Israel on Thursday evening and will work on finding a candidate over the weekend.


Sex, the Jewish Agency and Israel’s clueless intelligence minister - opinion

Only someone who’s been living in a cave could be that disconnected from the goings-on in the world.

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