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Ethiopian Jewry: Will Israel repeat mistakes?

Israel must bring all of the 14,100 Ethiopian Jews who have been awaiting aliyah, in some cases for decades. Otherwise Israel will be partially responsible for deaths which could have been avoided.


All Ethiopian Jews must be brought home to Israel

In Gondar, the center of Ethiopia’s historic Jewish community, 10,000 members of Beta Yisrael wait anxiously to immigrate to the Jewish state.


Letters to the Editor, November 15, 2021: Our land

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Jerusalem: Ethiopian-Israelis protest outside gov't ministries

With the Ethiopian civil war becoming more perilous, concerns have increased for the communities of Ethiopian Jews and descendants of Jews who remain in the country.

Are the Jews of Ethiopia in danger?

DIASPORA AFFAIRS: Economic hardship and forced conscription are becoming increasing worries for the communities of Jews and descendants in Ethiopia as the civil war intensifies.

Who embraced Sigd this year: From CENTCOM to US Jewish organizations

Sigd has been a national holiday in Israel since 2008.  

Ministers decide to expedite immigration of 5,000 Ethiopians

Interior Minister Shaked and Aliyah and Integration Minister Tamano-Shata are drawing up plans to bring those eligible from community of Jewish descendants in Ethiopia to Israel in coming weeks.

Rescue of remaining Ethiopian Jews may lead to coalition crisis - report

The debate about the remaining Ethiopian Jews: Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata is insisting that Israel launch a rescue operation, despite an NSI document that said the opposite.

Foreign Ministry evacuates Israeli diplomats' families from Ethiopia

On Thursday, the Foreign Ministry issued on Thursday a travel warning to Ethiopia, due to the state of emergency in the country.


What does the Ethiopian 'Sigd' holiday signify?

Once in Israel, Sigd quickly found a place in the Ethiopian jewish community’s life.

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