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Man discovers nine-year-old bullet in his neck

Two reports surfaced in three days of Israelis who were shot and only discovered the bullets in their bodies after time had gone by.

Can Viagra treat COVID-19? One nurse claims it saved her life

A woman from England got coronavirus, was put into a medically-induced coma and was rescued by Viagra.

By Walla!

Hospital being sued for sedating woman against her wishes, leading to her death

A woman was subjected to a CT scan against her wishes while sedated and died.

A mask is produced on Israel's first production line for N95 masks

COVID-19: Same N95 mask can be safely decontaminated 25 times - study

After going through the VHP process 25 times, the N95 masks were found to retain a 95 percent filtration efficiency or greater, researchers said.

Regional Cooperation Minister visits Save a Child's Heart

The Ministry of Regional Cooperation is embracing Save a Child's Heart worldwide humanitarian project to save the lives of children from disaster-stricken areas from all over the Middle East.

Brazil's Bolsonaro hospitalized with obstructed gut, may need surgery

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said he started feeling unwell on Sunday afternoon after lunch and doctors have inserted a nasogastric tube.


COVID-19: Israel nears 5,000 cases as 4th shot okayed for at-risk patients

The approval comes as predictions show the number of COVID cases skyrocketing in coming weeks.

Suspect in Japan clinic fire that killed 25 has died, NHK says

Security camera footage from the clinic showed the fire broke out when Tanimoto carried two bags of liquid into the building and set the liquid on fire, police have said.

 Time fuse of an artillery shell of the Second World War.

How doctors removed a WWII artillery shell from a patient's behind

A man came to an ER with an artillery shell stuck up his anus, so the staff called in a sapper squad.

By Walla!

'Flu cases on rise,' says doctor, as Israel reports nearly 300 in hospital

Doctors have been worried that fewer people will get vaccinated against the flu this year because of a feeling of ‘vaccine fatigue’ from having taken three COVID shots in the last year.

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