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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden

Israel's strategy as the US reaches out to Iran - analysis

Israel has already begun to shape its strategy in relation to the new administration in Washington.

Iran blows its threat against IAEA with empty gesture - analysis

Had the Islamic Republic followed through on throwing out the nuclear inspectors, Israel, the US and the world would truly have needed to start considering the military option.

US President Joe Biden visits the State Department, Washington

Biden: US will not lift Iran sanctions until it stops enriching uranium

Last quarterly estimates by IAEA show Iran's stock of enriched uranium has risen to 2.4 tons, more than 10 times the amount allowed under the JCPOA.

FILE PHOTO: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif looks on during a meeting with Russia's For

Iran's Zarif: If Iran wanted, we would already have a nuclear weapon

Zarif said that the uranium enriched by the Islamic republic could immediately be scaled back to comply with the nuclear deal if the US lifts sanctions.

The aftermath of a rocket attack in Baghdad

New details emerge of Iran’s attack on US in Iraq last year

There were 110 survivors of the blasts that were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. Twenty-nine were “injured seriously enough to receive Purple Hearts.”

Restoring Iran nuclear deal is good for Israel - opinion

Economic pressure is of no value if it is not accompanied by a diplomatic route that will allow Iranian leaders to justify a policy change.

A general view of the Bushehr main nuclear reactor, Iran

Iran vows 'decisive response' to any Israeli move against it

Iran gave more details about its enrichment decision by saying it had the capacity to produce up to 9 kg of 20% enriched uranium per month.


What will the US approach to Israel, Iran be when Biden replaces Trump?

This piece is a mini-simulation exercise, trying to observe and predict the main interests, expectations and actions of these four actors.


Why the US shouldn’t reenter Iran deal - opinion

Among the major flaws contained within the JCPOA are the sunset clauses, which have granted Iran an internationally recognized path to nuclear weapons.

Khamenei and Bolton

In first, Iran media appears to praise John Bolton for comments

The former US National Security Advisor, who Iran media generally considers an extreme hawk, received rare praised on Fars News on Sunday when he headlined a story about his opposition to Trump.

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