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Why repealing IRGC sanctions is infuriating but a sideshow - analysis

Removing the IRGC's status as a terrorist organization might just be a desperate try to go around oil sanctions put by US government

What Ukraine tells us about the danger of the Iran nuclear deal

Opinion: America must "radically reverse" its placid approach to Iran, the author writes.


US reduces Iran sanctions threat from any violation to 90% enrichment

There is a sense in Jerusalem that if Russia invades Ukraine, it could sharply change how the US deals with Iran.

Iran nuclear talks won’t end in good result for Israel - Lapid

Lapid said the Vienna talks “won’t reach an optimal result, but we are always working with the people involved to improve it for Israel.” 

A sign which reads "Stop the Bomb"

Poll: Half of Israelis would support strike on Iran's nuclear facilities without US support

A recent poll by the Israeli Democracy Institute found that about half of Israelis would be in favor of a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities even without American consent.

Mowing the nuclear grass - opinion

Mowing the “nuclear” grass means delaying Iran’s nuclear program as much as possible, by bombing it over and over again, if necessary. Although not ideal, it is much better than a nuclear Iran.


Iran still denying inspectors 'essential' access to workshop - IAEA

The UN nuclear watchdog is unable to tell whether Iran's centrifuge-parts workshop at the TESA Karaj complex is operational.


US patience is up, pressure on Tehran could be days away - analysis

If Jerusalem hoped for a major escalation from Washington against Tehran, it will have to wait months longer, and not days.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a virtual speech, on the occasion of the Proph

Iran’s Ayatollah urges reversal of progress in Arab-Israeli relations

Four nations – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan – agreed to normalize ties in 2020, amid the US-led Abraham Accords.

Monitoring of Iran's nuclear developments ‘no longer intact’ - IAEA chief

Grossi’s public airing of grievances with Tehran is significant: The IAEA tries to keep any conflicts under wraps so as not to rock the diplomatic boat.

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