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Protests abound as week starts with minimum wage and cost of living concerns

The 'Minimum 40' movement has protested Finance Minister Liberman’s plan to increase the minimum wage, arguing that this undermines a current law that could more significantly increase wages.

The IDF Chief of Staff’s paycheck revealed in new defense report

A new finance report indicates that wages in the defense system are high relative to the average wage in the economy.

Bank of Israel: Israelis earn less than those in comparable countries

The gap between Israel’s top 10% richest people and those in the top 10% in other countries is smaller than among those in lower earning percentiles.

Knesset votes to raise monthly minimum wage to NIS 5,300

"Raising the minimum wage to NIS 5,300 is a direct continuation of our work in favor of narrowing gaps and strengthening the working population,"says Finance Minister.

Moshe Kahlon (left) and Benjamin Netanyahu (right).

Netanyahu establishes new committee to address disability allotments

The Prime Minister's Office announced the establishment of a new committee to examine an increase to disability allotments.


Long weekends could hit low-wage workers

Some critics are concerned that the plan would impose new burdens on the low-paid service workers who will likely be drafted to work on those holidays.


Minimum wage rises to NIS 4,852, vacation days increase

The increase is part of a series of wage hikes the government agreed to on threat of a Histadrut strike last year and will continue rising incrementally to NIS 5,300.


On the heels of general strike threat, Histadrut threatens public sector strike

Public sector wages have not increased in three years.

A waitress

Waiting for tips — and wages

How waitstaff gets paid affects not only the waiters but also the restaurateurs and customers.


Histadrut, manufacturers agree to extend planned minimum wage increase

Minimum wage to to increase by NIS 1,000, reach NIS 5,300 per month by December 2017.

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