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Supreme Court stiffens sentence for IPS intelligence officer convicted of bribery

The decision came down as the country is struggling with multiple scandals signaling that top IPS officials have conducted extremely negligent oversight over a variety of problems.

Gilboa Prison pimping affair: Will there actually be a conviction?

There is nothing slam dunk about a case with so many questions, especially when it is unclear if the victim will show up in court.

Prison pimping affair: Hotline launched two weeks early - Lapid

Prime Minister Yair Lapid announced that a hotline for female prison officers will be opened early as the public discourse on the pimping affair reaches a high.

Gilboa prison pimping affair: New sexual assault allegation emerges

A new, separate instance of sexual assault by a prisoner against a female prison guard has come out of the Gilboa Prison pimping affair case.

Prison officer who placed female officers in pimping affair fired

Prison Intelligence Officer Rani Basha was the man who placed female prison guards in the security wing at the demand of Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Atallah.

Gilboa Prison pimping affair: Knesset rejects investigation proposal

The proposal, which would designate discussions to establish a state inquiry committee into the pimping affair, fell 46-41 in the Knesset plenum.

Police likely to recommend against reopening prison 'pimping' probe

The Police will likely recommend not reopening the investigation into the suspected pimping of female guards to inmates at Gilboa Prison.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad prisoners suspend hunger strike, claim 'victory'

The prisoners suspended their strike, claiming 'victory' after reaching an agreement with the Israel Prison Service. PIJ: The deal will be announced soon.

Eshel Prison

Israeli Prison wing closed after same building flaw as Gilboa found

A high-security wing at Eshel Prison was closed after the same construction flaw found at Gilboa Prison was found there.

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