Liberalism and Zionism, a difficult package in the world today - opinion

Liberalism and Zionism have become a more difficult package to promote today, in a world where social media sound-bites leave little room for nuance.


Chanshi’ plays with American-Israeli stereotypes - review

If the series, which premiered on December 8 on Hot 3 (and which is already available on Hot VOD), were another one of Chanowitz’s short films, it could have ended there, but a plot develops.

Historic resolution honoring Israeli Americans introduced in Senate

The resolution recognizes the many contributions of Israeli-Americans to American life and honors Israeli-American culture and heritage.


This Israeli-American philanthropist is advocating for IHRA definition in 7 US states

The Israeli-American Coalition for Action, headed by chairman Shawn Evehaim will promote legislation laws based on the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Here is his interview.


American conservatives ensure US-Israel 'historic bonds' never break - CPAC head

"If America embraces this idea that Israel should be boycotted — which a lot of people in the Democratic Party want to do — it would be tragic, and we're trying to make sure that never happens."

Did we learn from the lessons of 9/11? - opinion

n July 10, 2001, the CIA made clear to the Bush Administration that sufficient evidence from multiple sources indicated a major al-Qaeda attack was planned. Still, nothing happened.

Number of Americans in Israel, Israelis in America much less than thought

A deeper dive into those figures shows that some of the urban myths about the numbers of Israelis living abroad, and the makeup of the immigrants in this country, are just that: myths.


Student who sued NYU over antisemitism praises Trump's executive order

The executive order "should serve as a source of empowerment to ensure that Jewish students can proudly live on campuses," Adela Cojab Moadeb wrote in a New York Post op-ed.


Jewish groups slam Trump's remarks as antisemitic tropes

"You’re brutal killers. Not nice people at all,” said the president, who accused some Jewish Americans of not loving Israel enough.


Lockheed, ELTA to pair up for American ‘sense-off’

Event will see companies demonstrate their radars for US Army’s Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense System.

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