Israeli Arabs

Some 20 percent of Israel's population. Primarily Muslim, but with some Christian communities.

Muslim rescuer says Israel kibbutz bloodshed caused by terrorists' hate

Warraqi said many Muslims were also killed in the assault, recalling how he took care of two Arab women wearing hijab, shot by the attackers, and three Arab bus drivers got shot in the head.


IDF, Israel Police aren't enough: Israelis need guns, better police - opinion

Israel must allow and even encourage the arming of citizens, but must also make a better law enforcement policy to crack down on illegal weapons.

Israeli media must do its part to reduce tensions post-Hamas massacre - opinion

Anti-Arab rhetoric in Israel is surging after October 7. The media can – and must – help quell it.


Mixed Israeli-Arab school in Jerusalem wins World’s Best School prize

The Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School won the Overcoming Adversity prize for its integration of Jewish and Arab students.


In war as in peace, Arab Israeli physicians' contribution to Israel is essential - opinion

It is incumbent upon us to remember that contribution and to strengthen that cooperation in ordinary times as well as in emergencies. 


Gantz addresses Arab Israelis: 'An inseparable part of Israeli society'

The address came a day and a half after police had to escort a group of Arab students out of a university dorm in Netanya while outside hundreds of Jews chanted "Death to Arabs."

Smotrich freezes funds for PA, minister moves money to Arab towns

Interior Minister Moshe Arbel announced to Smotrich that he would immediately transfer NIS 200 million to Arab local authorities.

Bedouin family hopes four relatives held in Gaza will return 'in peace'

"They went to milk the cows and then what happened happened and they were kidnapped," Ziadna said of his family. "We still don't know what became of them."


Hamas terrorists used Arab doctor as a human shield

Dr. Tarek Abu Arar, a dedicated physician volunteering with the United Hatzalah, shares his harrowing experience after being shot and held hostage by Hamas.

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