Israeli Arabs

Some 20 percent of Israel's population. Primarily Muslim, but with some Christian communities.
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The changing status of Israel’s Arab population - opinion

This complicated reality is undoubtedly reflected in the new political constellation created by Israel’s 36th government, and the way the Jewish opposition speaks of and relates to the Arab MKs.

Construction on park near Arab graves sparks widespread outrage

Nature and Parks Authority insists graves that were illegally placed in the public area in recent years will not be disturbed.


NIS 9 billion pledged to reduce education gaps for Arab Israelis

Education Ministry data reveal that the Arab system is allocated lower budgets across the board – between 20% to 40% lower– along with fewer days of staff training.


Israel set to approve NIS 600m. five-year plan for Arab tech

The government's upcoming budget has earmarked NIS 9 billion for the Arab sector.

 'Darkenu' activists protest the surge in Arab crime leading in front of the Prime Minister's Office

Time to focus on investing in Israel's Arab sector - editorial

This is the time to say that applying drastic measures such as administrative detention, sending IDF units into Israeli streets or using Shin Bet surveillance should be done only on rare occasions.

Police officer threatens Arab-Israeli wedding guests with M16

Mabda Ferhat, a journalist who attended an Arab-Israeli wedding, began filming as a police officer threatened wedding guests with a loaded M16.

Has Israel’s Arab minority reached a crossroads? - analysis

Arab society in Israel is changing. The question is whether or not this will push them forward in Israeli society.

Microsoft to hire 2,500 in Israel in coming years

Microsoft said it plans to open five new sites in Israel in the coming years: Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Jerusalem, and Beersheba, with the last one undecided yet.


Kamala Harris’ silence vs Sarah Silverman’s noise - comment

There are some truths that cannot be refuted - Israel not committing genocide is one of them. US Vice President Kamala Harris didn't fight back at it, but Sarah Silverman did.


Israeli-Arab violence: Will all hell break loose with Shin Bet's involvement? - analysis

Will the decision to involve the Shin Bet and IDF in the Israeli-Arab sector become a trendsetter in Bennett's government? What about the precedent set by Netanyahu?

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