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Syrian hand grenades from mid-late 20th century found in Golan Heights

The grenades date back to the Six Day War (1967) and Yom Kippur War (1973,) corresponding with dominant Syrian presence in the Golan back then.

Mine-free River Jordan shrine ends 50 year wait for Epiphany

Israeli de-mining efforts began in 2018 and included support from the Halo Trust, a Scottish-based mine clearance group.


Magawa, a rat who clears landmines, awarded medal for heroism

The danger caused to workers by clearing landmines is what motivates organizations like APOPO, the NGO that trained Magawa, to train rats to find landmines so that handlers can clear them.

Defense Ministry clears minefield near Eilat, August 12, 2013.

WATCH LIVE: IDF explodes 350 landmines in the Golan Heights

While there are some 825 hectares of known minefields, there are still some 9,000 hectares suspected of being mined throughout the country.

Israel begins to clear Qasr al-Yehud baptism site of mines

Some 3,000 anti-personnel mines, anti-tank mines, and other explosive remnants of war are expected to be cleared from one million square meters of land.

IDF explodes, clears 300 landmines from the Golan Heights, December 11, 2017

WATCH: IDF explodes, clears 300 landmines from Golan Heights

The Defense Ministry is currently undertaking a three-year project to de-mine the Golan Heights.

Israel to clear mines from over 15 acres to expand West Bank settlement

"Instead of landmines which are intended to kill, children will be playing in the streets of the new neighborhood."

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