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Ben-Zion Gopstein

Lehava activist interrogated for sexually assaulting underage girl

"He started to touch me: leg, hands, back, face. I froze. He kissed me on the forehead and I said, 'Stop, stop, I'm not comfortable.'"

Police question Gopstein, Marzel on suspicion of incitement to racism

The two were interrogated after issuing videos addressing "the causes and dangers of assimilation" and for calling to strike the enemy "with the Ten Plagues."

7,500 march in Jerusalem LGBTQ+ Pride parade

No violent incidents were reported during the event


Lod struggles to find way forward after Israeli-Arab riots

So much in Lod still remains unresolved: why the riots started, who is ultimately responsible and, most importantly, how to move forward.


How can Israel respond to rocket fire? - editorial

Hamas has a history of using rocket attacks on Israel to get what it wants. This time, as an election ploy.

Anti-violence protests to bring together Arabs, Jews amid clashes, riots

A demonstration bringing together anti-violence Arabs and Jews will begin in the evening in Jerusalem in order to oppose recent clashes between Jewish right-wing extremists and extremist Arabs.

Police forces have begun to break up the protests, warning the protesters beforehand, starting to pu

Israel Police work to keep Jews, Arabs from clashing - reporter's notebook

Far-right Israeli rallies have taken place in the past, including by groups linked to Lehava and pro-Kahane activists.

Portrait of Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Tzipi Hotovely poses for a picture at her office i

Jewish Conservative youth group protests Hotovely with 'Occupation' event

The movement claims that she "has consistently refused to recognise Palestinian heritage, referring to the Palestinians as "thieves of history."

Ben-Zion Gopstein

Tik Tok removes channel of Jewish extremist group Lehava

The group is led by Benzi Gopstein, who was banned from running in Israeli elections last year as head of the right-wing Jewish Power party due to anti-Arab statements considered incitement to racism

Pride banner at the US Embassy building on Agron St. in Jerusalem after it was replaced on June 24

27 detained, 3 arrested for attempting to disrupt Jerusalem Pride events

The Lehava extremists were given guidance before on how to infiltrate the events, such as wearing colorful clothing and using slang terms popular among the LGBT community.

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