Likud primaries

Loyalty to Netanyahu pays off for Likud's primary hopefuls

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: What does a changing Likud list mean for opposition head Benjamin Netanyahu?

Hanegbi's primary slump means end of an era at Likud - analysis

While once a rising star in the Likud, Hanegbi has been going downhill for a number of years.

Stuck in the past: Where are all the women on the Likud list? - comment

Of the Likud's top 20, three are women. And of the top 10, only one is a woman. At face value alone, this does not represent the Israeli public.

Dan Illouz wins oleh spot in Likud primaries

The oleh spot is placed at the 32nd spot on the Likud list.

Israel elections: 'They don't want minorities in Likud' - MK Fateen Mulla

Back in July, Fateen Mulla also sharply criticized Likud after the party made the decision to move the slot reserved for a minority MK to number 44 on the list.


Likud primaries: Who is number 1? Which MKs are out and where is Miri Regev?

MKs Eli Cohen, Yoav Gallant, David Amsalem and Amir Ohana occupy other top spots • Miri Regev first among women candidates on the party list.

Likud voters celebrate primary election, results expected on Thursday

With Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu occupying the number one spot on the list, some 70 national candidates and 40 regional candidates are vying for the remaining 34 seats.

The Likud primary election: These are the main battles

With an expected 35 seats in the upcoming election according to recent polls, Likud is by far the largest party holding a primary election.

Israel's Labor Party holds primaries ahead of the March 2021 elections.

Labor and Likud primaries may be postponed over security concerns

Both primaries are for the parties' lists for the Knesset and not for the lead of the party.

Netanyahu cases 'falling apart', Anglo Likud primary candidate says - interview

Likud primary candidate Fleur Hassan-Nahoum spoke in an interview about Netanyahu, per platform and what olim in Israel need.

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