Marine biology

Noise from deep-sea mining may disrupt whale song, study finds

A study found man-made noise could increase the risk of mother whales being separated from their calves since their normal vocalizations are quiet.


Sea butterflies spotted in Eilat for first time in 29 years

Sea butterflies are not known to sting or harm humans.

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Solving the mystery of an ancient marine reptile mass graveyard

Known as Shonisaurus popularis, the species resembled a chunky dolphin that grew to at least 15.2 meters long and died in large numbers at one particular site some 230 million years ago.

Corals' biological clocks can function without algae - study

The biological clock is an internal and independent mechanism that dictates daily rhythm, thus enabling an organism to gauge daily and seasonal signals.

Million-year-old sediment could be the answer to ocean conservation - study

The great big ocean is still 80% unexplored, but new scientific studies may help us understand and explore more of it.

Orcas hunting a great white shark were captured on camera for the first time

According to a 2019 National Geographic article, orcas likely target shark livers because they're "high-fat and delicious."

Chaos theory can be used to detect diving patterns in marine life - study

After monitoring an electronically tagged narwhal for 83 days, researchers noticed irregular diving and surface resting behavior.


Meet the epaulette shark - the only shark species that can walk

Epaulettes have adapted and developed an ability to walk on land which helps them hunt for food in places other sharks cannot reach.

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Scientists discover new species of mysterious deep-sea creatures

Bathynomus, a group of isopods that live in the deepest parts of the ocean, is distantly related to decapods, such as shrimp, crabs and lobsters.

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What could sea creatures teach us about engineering?

A new Technion study looks at how marine organisms produce hard tissues from the materials available to them, and under harsh and hostile conditions.

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