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Feiglin's party approves deal with Netanyahu

Party's candidates were split on deal earlier, but have voted on accepting it


A mythical ministry for much-needed momentum - analysis

He promised Feiglin a ministry, just like he promised the Pensioners Party back in 2009.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Zehut party leader Moshe Feiglin hold a press conference.

Netanyahu promises Feiglin ministry so that Zehut Party ends race

"Our paths were not exactly paved with roses," Feiglin said. "There were more downs than ups, but I can tell as a bike rider when we are on our way up."


Feiglin admits he's close to quitting election race

Feiglin said that an agreement "is beginning to look achievable" and that the two sides were "close to completing an agreement" that would require Zehut to quit its run.


Feiglin rejects Netanyahu's offer to quit race

He added that if he received an offer that was worthy, he would bring it to all the members of Zehut for a vote.

Zehut Party leader Moshe Feiglin at an event of his party in Tel Aviv

Mounting pressure on smaller right-wing parties to drop out of elections

The Zehut, Otzma Yehudit and Noam parties have been under pressure from Likud members and Chabad Rabbis to drop out of the race, so as to not lose thousands of potential votes.

Zehut running alone as Feiglin submits its electoral list

No compromises as yet from United Right on unity deal with Otzma with Thursday evening deadline looming

Knesset sideshows: Feiglin loses manly moniker, Pirates declare revolution

Another leader said about the party's new candidate: ‘I don’t know him. I met him yesterday outside the Knesset. He’s a soldier. He seemed nice, so I put him on the list.’

Zehut activists tempted by a grand political vision in a Jerusalem pub

“Zehut is the only party with an ideology that offers answers to the problems Israel has not just in the short term but a long term vision of what Israel should be,” said Yehoshua Dalin.

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