People pose in front of a display showing the word 'cyber' in binary code, in this picture illustrat
Morocco rejects Amnesty’s allegations on spying on journalist

Moroccan authorities on Friday rejected an Amnesty report saying they have spied on journalist Omar Radi using Israeli-made technology.

Israeli spyware allegedly used to spy on Moroccan journalist - Amnesty

Continued attacks on Radi's phone were detected even after Amnesty informed NSO Group of Morocco's human rights violations using the company's software.

Bloomfield Stadium, in Tel Aviv, Israel June 8, 2020
Israel's NSO showcases drone tech, pushes to counter rights abuse allegations

The promotion follows controversy for the company around Pegasus, spyware linked to political surveillance in Mexico, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

SECURITY SURVEILLANCE monitors. Privacy advocates argue that even if the official transfer of data d
Spy agencies and human rights in the era of coronavirus

Can the public’s right to privacy coexist with the government’s fight to curb the pandemic?

NSO makes state sovereign immunity claim to defend from Facebook lawsuit

CEO Shalev Hulio tells US court his customers are only sovereign states or their intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Silhouettes of mobile users next to the Whatsapp logo, March 28, 2018.
WhatsApp takes step toward winning spyware lawsuit after NSO no-show

WhatsApp sued NSO in October after finding evidence that the hacking firm had abused a flaw in the app's popular chat program to remotely hijack hundreds of smartphones.

Tel Aviv District Court discusses Amnesty International’s request to revoke NSO’s export license, Fe
Court rules for NSO in case to get Facebook to unblock accounts

The NSO employees in question told the court that their Facebook and Instagram accounts had been blocked by Facebook.

 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg: Israeli NSO can try to defend legality of actions

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released comments Saturday afternoon on the current lawsuit launched that accuses Israeli spyware vendor NSO itself of exploiting a flaw in WhatsApp messaging service.

Hooded man holds laptop computer as blue screen with an exclamation mark is projected on him
FBI probes use of Israeli NSO spyware in personal, gov't hacks

The probe was underway by 2017, when FBI officials were trying to learn whether NSO obtained from American hackers any of the code it needed to infect smartphones

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