Oil tanker involved in US-Iran dispute boarded by armed guards near Oman, diverted

This incident is located closer to the Strait of Hormuz, between Oman and Iran.


Yemen's Houthis in Oman-mediated talks over Red Sea 'operations'

The Houthis stressed in the Oman-mediated talks that their position was not subject to negotiation until Israel stops its "aggression" against Gaza and allows humanitarian aid to enter.


El Al stops flying over Oman, tells passengers to expect delays

El Al Airlines has decided to reroute flights to Asian countries, resulting in a three-hour extension due to the current security situation.


Oman’s Khareef Festival: A Monsoon Retreat in the Middle East

Tourists flock to southern Oman for a refreshing escape during the harsh Arabian summers.


Did Iran achieve its goals in the Gulf? - opinion

Iranian diplomacy is swiftly moving towards building closer relations with its neighboring countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Nuclear talks with US in Oman 'no secret,' Iran FM says

Israeli officials warned that Iran and the US are nearing a “less for less” deal, by which Iran would stop advancing its nuclear program, but not reverse it.

Iran courts Oman while bashing Israel - analysis

Oman has traditionally been a neutral state in the Gulf, generally open to warm talks with Iran but also close with its other Gulf neighbors.

Sultan of Oman to visit Egypt on Sunday

The heads of state "will discuss all aspects of cooperation between Egypt and Oman in order to boost their relations."

New archaeological findings shed light on first human migration out of Africa

Archaeologists examined stone monuments from Oman and Southern Arabia to uncover new information about migration out of Africa.

Iran’s outreach to Iraq, Oman, Lebanon increases pressure on West - analysis

Iran is seeking to cement stronger ties with Iraq, as it backs militias in Iraq that threaten the region.

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