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Trump wanted to scrap peace plan unless Abbas approved - Kushner

Trump only wanted to proceed with Abbas’s approval even though Kushner explained that the logic of the deal was “heads you win, tails they lose.”

IDF road closures next to Gaza continue for a second day

PIJ commander Bassam al-Saadi and his son-in-law Ashraf Zidan Molmad Aljada arrested • Roads near Gaza Strip closed

Palestinians protest arrests, torture by PA security forces

The detainees who are being held in PA prisons include university students, academics, political activists, as well as people suspected of affiliation with Hamas.

6 east Jerusalem schools placed on conditional licenses due to textbook incitement

Textbooks at the schools glorified Palestinian prisoners and made claims of killings, deportations and massacres by the IDF.


Regavim asks court to order Khan al-Ahmar evacuation

The request to order the evacuation comes after the state failed to submit a relocation plan for the illegally-built Bedouin herding community.

PA's Mahmoud Abbas meets with Jordan's King Abdullah

Few details were released about the short meeting, but it appears to be an effort to prevent the Palestinians from being marginalized.


East Jerusalem school put on performance enacting the killing of Ben-Gvir

Leader of the right-wing religious Zionist “Otzma Yehudit” Party, he has become known across Israeli politics for his hardline views. 

Abbas called for end to Israeli apartheid in press remarks with Biden

The US has been blunt about its opposition to accusations of Israeli apartheid, but Biden did not respond to Abbas' use of that language. 

The Jewish, Palestine homeland conundrum - opinion

From the outset, it is important to note that the two state solution, at least for me, was the best way possible to ensure that Israel would remain the democratic nation-state of the Jewish people.

Bethlehem's Palestinians expect nothing from Biden, say it's humiliating

In Bethlehem, two shopkeepers, a member of the Palestinian National Security Forces, a local Fatah activist and a cab driver express a range of hope, cynicism and disappointment in Biden's visit.

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