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The BDS movement seeks to destroy Israel’s image in the eyes of the world.’

'Post' inquiry leads to closure of French BDS terrorism group's PayPal

French organization lists Palestinian terrorist entity as partner, glorifies Leila Khaled.

Get ready to have all your digital entertainment questions answered. Check out the biggest trends of 2020 and find the one that floats your boat.

Whether you’re stuck in self-quarantine or you simply wish to avoid the crowd, you’ll be pleased to know that there is plenty of entertainment to be had at the touch of a button.


Why Early Wage Access is Modern-Day Payday Loans

A study back in 2017 concluded that close to 80 percent of workers in America live paycheck to paycheck.


1 in 5 Scots can’t afford to live

A survey reveals people in Scotland use credit to pay for daily living expenses more than almost anywhere else in the UK.


The Fall of Payday Loans in Israel

The payday loan has seen something of a dip in recent times. It doesn’t quite have the same popularity that used to, especially in Israel.


Did PayPal shut BDS South Africa account after PFLP terrorist meeting?

The Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor retained a screenshot of the Tweet.

Illustration photo of a Mastercard logo on a credit card

NGOs attempt to hold MasterCard accountable for servicing neo-Nazi group

Mastercard, like other companies, is hesitant to block profit unless a law is being broken.

French payment firm closes Nazi account with Hezbollah, Assad and BDS ties

The Third Way wrote on its website: “What every person can do against the Zionist genocide.” The neo-Nazi group supports the BDS movement against the Jewish state.

French Jewish community closes account with pro-BDS online payment service

France has one of the most robust anti-bias laws in Europe, the Lellouche Law, which bans discrimination based on national origin and has been applied to cases of BDS.

Exclusive: PayPal closes Nazi party account linked to Hezbollah, Assad, BDS

A range of German and American politicians over the years have urged PayPal to terminate the The Third Way account.

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