Peace process

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Afghan rivals to resume talks as civilian killings sow suspicion

Afghan government officials have in recent weeks accused the Taliban of a string of high-profile murders, including of bureaucrats and journalists, and bomb attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

Israel and Saudi Arabia’s will-they-won’t-they whiplash

Like beloved sitcom characters, one week they seem to be getting closer and the next something pulls them apart.

Erekat was the face of ’67, and died as idea was revived - analysis

To some Palestinians and as well as some in the international community and on the Israeli Left, he was a figure of unwavering commitment to peace.

Will there ever be peace?

The factors that will shape the Middle East in the coming years

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh speaks before the start of the weekly cabinet meeting i

Palestinian PM: God help us if Trump wins

“The answer is land for peace, not peace for peace,” Shtayyeh said. “You cannot impose peace. It is only by compromise and agreement.”


Airstrikes on Taliban base kill at least 12 civilians, 40 fighters

Defense Ministry officials in Kabul, who said more than 40 Taliban fighters had been killed in the strikes, did not confirm any civilian casualties.


Does Israel prefer peace with authoritarians?

Jerusalem works based on shared interests, not based on promoting democracy or ideals.

Israel-UAE deal nullifies Arab Peace Initiative, Yadlin says

‘Saudis will not hurry’ to make an agreement

Netanyahu: 'Land for Peace' formula ineffective for Middle East peace

'Land for Peace' is supported by the international community and has served as the legal basis for previous Arab-Israel agreements; 'Peace for Peace' says Israel should hold talks from strength.

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