Quantum computing

In the school of physics, there is a fundamental theory called "Quantum Mechanics" which describes the physical properties of nature on the minute scale of atoms and subatomic particles. 

Quantum computing adopts the principles of quantum mechanics for the purpose of developing computer technology.

The way that classic computers encode information is in small bits that have either the value of 1 or 0. Quantum computing takes this process a step further by including the "subatomic particles" in quantum terms - qubits - allowing for a wider computing range. 

In particular, quantum computing is based on two features of quantum mechanics: superposition and entanglement. 

Quantum computing is used in intelligence, military affairs, finance, digital manufacturing and artificial intelligence (AI). 

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IQM, Hebrew University and Bar-Ilan University to advance quantum tech

IQM, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar-Ilan University have started research cooperation on quantum technologies, with IQM providing commercial-grade quantum-computing hardware.

Israel joins the quantum computing club

Weizmann institute push runs parallel to government initiatives.

Israel’s Microsoft of quantum computing makes its move

Israeli quantum computing company Classiq has raised $33M, as the Defense Ministry builds Israel's first quantum computer.

How fast can quantum computers process information? - study

Quantum computers, unlike their conventional counterparts, use quantum mechanics to process information, which enables them to solve a wider range of problems - but there are still limits.

Never before seen state of matter could advance quantum tech

A team at Harvard has documented a new state of matter which could advance quantum technology.

Researchers create 'time crystal' with quantum computers

The versatility of quantum computers have helped physicists create a "time crystal," a new phase of matter.


Israeli, German researchers find breakthrough in quantum data security

A new breakthrough in quantum technology brings us closer to secure, efficient quantum computing.

Tech terms: Ready to take a quantum leap?

With the world’s largest and most advanced companies and countries investing enormous resources to “win” the quantum computing race, we might wonder what’s in it for us.

Who will dominate the tech arms race?

The ‘Magazine’ visits top US quantum computing labs, experts for some up-close answers

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