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Bike race

Italian Tourist Board in Israel wishes Israeli team luck in Giro d'Italia

The Israeli team will race in the Giro d’Italia bicycle race for the third consecutive year and includes Guy Sagiv, the first Israeli rider ever to finish the race in 2018.

People take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement outside the US Supreme Court in Was

Democrat voters fuelling increasing divide over race in America - poll

America has grown increasingly polarized over the last four years thanks to Democrats hardening their stance on race relations and equality.

When cared for by white doctors, Black newborns are more likely to die

The mortality rate of Black newborns plunges when they are cared for by Black doctors

Are Jews white? And why it matters

Did we personally experience antisemitism? If so, to what extent? Overall, how accepted did we feel here?


Black Jews speak out during Floyd riots: Believe Us

“As the Jewish community reaches in and says how do we support their cause and how do we support the black community, it’s really important that people reach in to black Jews and other Jews."

A school bus used for transporting New York City public school students is seen driving down 135th a

Minneapolis bus drivers refuse to transfer arrested protesters to prison

"An injury to one is an injury to all”, said bus driver Adam Burch. “police murdered George Floyd and the protest against is completely justified.”

Trump spoke with members of George Floyd’s family, warns against looting

Floyd, an African-American man, was recorded pleading to an officer to remove his knee from Floyd’s neck as he can’t breathe.

American Jews marching in New York with Israeli flags. How can we bridge the divide between Israel a

American Jews: Are you white?

For the first time, the U.S. Census question on race is asking white and African-American respondents to dig deeper and fill in more detailed origins.


Motor racing-Azerbaijan Formula One GP postponed due to coronavirus

Preparation of the street circuit, which requires the installation of extensive safety fencing and barriers as well as the sealing of drain covers and asphalting, would have had to start soon.


‘Look at the person, not the color’

”We had to be very quiet when walking and were told never to admit – to anyone we might meet – that we were Jews.”

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