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Pascale’s kitchen: Pickled olives and lemons

The best part about preparing all of these jars of pickled fruit and vegetables is enjoying all this goodness throughout the entire year. 

Pascale's kitchen: Beets galore

This week, I am bringing you four beet recipes that are extremely easy to prepare: Beet kubbeh soup, beets stuffed with a vegan filling, a spicy and tangy raw beet salad and beet carpaccio.

Ready in an instant: Recipes for your Instant Pot

The downside of keeping kosher and being an Instant Pot connoisseur, is that you’d have to own three Instant Pots – and all that extra counter space – to actually make dairy, meat and Passover food.

Pascale's kitchen: Pita bread & salads

It may seem at first glance that making pita bread at home is complicated, but it really isn’t.

Pascale’s kitchen: Unique meals for post-holiday routine

After a full month of holiday meals, it's time for routine foods: butternut squash filled with couscous, herbs and pomegranate seeds, and filo dough stuffed with sautéed chicken and vegetables.

Pascale’s kitchen: Happy birthday to me!

Today, I am lucky to be celebrating both my birthday and my wedding anniversary. This year I have chosen to bake my own birthday cake: a decadent mousse cheesecake!

  Healthy heart diet with dark leafy green vegetables (illustrative)

Vitamin K: What are the benefits?

Vitamin K is less known than other vitamins, but not less important. New research has found that its consumption can significantly help heart health

By Walla!

Pascale's Kitchen: Refreshing drinks, morsels to break Yom Kippur fast

Want the perfect foods to break fast? Check out recipes for limonana; subye/papitada (melon seed drink); falooda siv (apple drink); orange cake and sesame cookies

Here’s what 5 chefs from around the world are making this Rosh Hashanah

We asked five noted chefs and food writers what they will serve at home to mark the Jewish New Year, and (spoiler alert) they all plan to weave symbols of sweetness into their menus.


In the kitchen with Henny: Keep cool in the kitchen

These recipes are so easy and fun to do with kids, and you get delicious, healthy results for solving the “I’m bored and it’s so hot out” dilemma! 

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