In a twist, German rabbi at scandal’s center cedes rabbinical school ownership to Berlin Jews

Rabbi Walter Homolka faced allegations of sexual harassment scandal involving his husband, who was also his employee.


Supreme Court Pres. Hayut: Netanyahu's judicial reform 'fatal blow' to democracy

Justice Minister Yariv Levin called Hayut a "political party" and accused her of trying to "set the streets on fire."

A screen capture of the live stream feed from a hearing at the High Court of Justice

Former Israel A-Gs on reforms: 'They threaten to destroy judicial system'

"The achievements of the High Court, which have advanced society and benefit every person, are now in grave danger."

Historic church being housed by a synagogue gets green light for restoration

A relationship has blossomed between the synagogue and the church, which has remained homeless due to the six-alarm fire that destroyed most of the building in 2020.


Channel 14 fined for excluding Reform, Conservative Jewish content

The Reform movement submitted several requests to Channel 14 to be inclusive in the past.


Israeli protest leaders to police: Don't curb freedom of demonstration

Rare meeting comes after Itamar Ben-Gvir calls for more enforcement against left-wing protestors.

What are the next steps in Israel's controversial judicial reforms?

The judicial reform was first announced by Justice Minister Yariv Levin last Wednesday and includes several items.

Ex-deputy IDF chief calls for civil disobedience to protest Netanyahu

Netanyahu's government announced a set of judiciary reforms that have been received negatively across many sectors.

Israel's new gov't must be careful with judicial reform - editorial

Let’s learn from these lessons, hold a sincere dialogue and be open to learning from the other side. This is what being a democracy is really about.

Israel's judicial reform needs legitimacy to be effective - analysis

For these reforms to work, they will need public legitimacy, and for that legitimacy to be granted, all sides of the political spectrum need to have a say.

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