Nick Cannon to AJC: 'I come from a Black and Jewish family'

“My great-grandfather was a Spanish rabbi. He’s a Sephardic Jewish man," said Cannon.

The story of Jewish Salonica

Historian Prof. Sarah Abrevaya Stein follows the Sephardi Levy family of Salonica from the end of the 19th century through the city’s transformation into present-day Greek Thessaloniki.

SEPHARDI CHIEF Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
Chief Sephardi rabbi allows music during 3 weeks for those in quarantine

Jews around the world follow mourning practices in the three weeks before Tisha Be’av, the day on which the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed.

Rich Sephardi legacy of Murcia brought to light after agreement signed

"This agreement is more than a religious and cultural reference point, it is an invitation to dialogue, to work together, to learn from our history to know that nothing should divide us."

A global Jewish cookbook

A multicultural book of recipes from Europe, the Middle East, Ethiopia and beyond

The rift between the first and second Israel

There are numerous impressive Mizrahi intellectuals, who express radical positions of various political shades, and who share the anger and rage about the continuing discrimination against Mizrahim.

Yoaz Hendel on his former boss Benjamin Netanyahu: His weaknesses overcame his abilities and made hi
Falsely turning Yoaz Hendel into Dudu Topaz – analysis

Come election years, the “ethnic genie” always manages to jump from the back seat into the front.

Bret Stephens
The myth of Jewish privilege and intellectual superiority

Ironically, if there is indeed a secret to Jewish genius, it’s precisely that Jews don’t believe the brain is an operating system you download from your parents

The Netflix logo is shown in this illustration photograph in Encinitas, California
Portuguese Jewish community makes $1 million movie for Netflix

This Portuguese Jewish community couldn’t afford a rabbi. Now it made a $1 million movie appearing on Netflix.

For greater solidarity, Jews should join mass kaddish on Nov. 30

In the first half of the 20th century, almost 900,000 Jews lived in Arab countries, whereas today there exists no more than a few thousand.

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