Tisha Be'av

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Why do we mourn on Tisha Be'av? - opinion

Tisha Be’Av asks the ultimate questions, the same ones which Job confronted: Why do we lose what is most precious? Why do we suffer?


Israeli archaeologist find where the Romans breached Jerusalem's walls - IAA

In breaching the walls of Jerusalem in 70 CE, the Roman legions stormed the city and destroyed the Second Temple, of the many infamous moments mourned on Tisha Be'av.

‘THE DESTRUCTION of the Temple of Jerusalem,’ Francesco Hayez, 1867

Tisha Be'av 2022: What you need to know about the Jewish fast day

On Tisha Be'av, Jews commemorate the two destructions of the Temple. Here is everything you need to know.

Ben-Gvir visits Temple Mount amid security tensions

Israel Police conducted a situation assessment on Sunday morning, headed by Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai, and said it was prepared for the influx.

When destruction is necessary for rebuilding - opinion

The Temple was destroyed by the decision of God, who could no longer bear what was going on under its roof and thus made the decision to demolish it.


Tisha Be’av and the war in Ukraine - is there a connection? - opinion

When we see entire ethnic groups and minorities being discriminated against, we must take action. This is one of the important lessons of Tisha Be’av.

Tisha Be'av: The day the lights went out

Imagine waking up to a bizarre world, in which everything was unfamiliar: no sovereignty, no prophecy, no army, no Temple and, of course, no homeland


Tisha Be'av: Another view of the fast day from the 20th century

Come with me to the end of World War II and what Tisha Be’av offered us then, as our souls were wracked in fasting, pierced with sorrow and then uplifted with a tiny glimmer of hope.


Tisha Be'av: Israel needs less hate, more humility and restraint - opinion

We are repeating too many of the mistakes made by our ancestors in the First and Second Jewish Commonwealth periods which brought about social decay, moral decline and political disintegration.

Ultra-Orthodox worshippers pray on Tisha Be’Av, the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, at the Weste

Tisha Be’av: The bittersweet, most tragic day - opinion

However, on that Tisha Be’av night at the Western Wall which my family experienced on our visit from the Diaspora, both themes resonated: the Holocaust, but also the destruction of the Temples.

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