Volodymyr Zelensky

Israel's tough lessons from a year of Ukraine-Russia War - opinion

Undeniably, much of what has occurred in Eastern Europe testifies to uncomfortable truths about enduring global realities. 


Netanyahu: I'd consider mediating Ukraine-Russia peace if asked - CNN interview

Benjamin Netanyahu's Tuesday night interview with Jake Tapper included questions on Ukraine, peace negotiations with the Palestinians and his new Israeli government.


Ukrainian army choir sings 'Eli Eli' on International Holocaust Memorial Day

The video shows an all-male group of Ukrainian soldiers singing in harmony in Hebrew while standing in front of the Babyn Yar site. 

UN refugee chief: Russia violating principles of child protection in Ukraine

Zelensky called for mechanisms to be set up to "defend and return" children and adults deported to Russia, as well as to punish those responsible.


Ukraine's Zelensky marks Holocaust Remembrance Day at Babyn Yar

"We know and remember that indifference kills along with hatred," said Zelensky.

Museum exhibit allows visitors to sink model Russian warship

As part of a new exhibit, a model of the warship swimming in a water tank can be sent to the bottom of the ocean over and over again.

Ukraine's Zelensky says he is 'unsure if Vladimir Putin is still alive'

"I'm not sure that the Russian president who sometimes appears against a green-screen chromakey is actually the [right] one," Zelensky said.

This year’s ‘Jewish Nobel’ is a group prize, going to Jewish activists in Ukraine

The Genesis Prize Foundation said the war in Ukraine required a change in the approach it has taken since creating the prize, known by some as the "Jewish Nobel."


Ukraine-Russia War isn't WWII – don't let it start WWIII - opinion

Let’s not mislead ourselves into thinking we are fighting World War II. If we do, we may indeed end up fighting World War III.


Russia to mobilize up to 500,000 for major spring offensive -Ukraine

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Vadym Skibitskyi said that around January 15 conscription would begin and that it would take Russian forces around two months to organize its formations.

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