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MK proposes bill to cancel local rabbinical councils
A new bill seeking to get rid of local rabbinical councils will be brought to a ministerial vote Sunday.

The legislation, proposed by MK Robert Ilatov (Likud Beytenu), would make local authorities in charge of religious services in their municipality, as opposed to rabbinical councils.

"The purpose of [the legislation] is to create a situation in which the entire public will get religious services and burial with administrative supervision from their mayor," Ilatov explained.

According to Ilatov, "there is no reason that religious services won't be given by municipalities, like welfare and education."

The bill, which will be brought to a vote in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation Sunday, will also limit municipal rabbis' terms to seven years.

If the initiative becomes law, all legal rights and property of local rabbinical councils will be transferred to municipalities.
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