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Photo by: Wikimedia Commons
Daughter suspected of murdering elderly mother with hammer in Nes Ziona
Suspect attempts suicide by swallowing pills; police have not been able to question her because of her condition.
Police suspect a Ness Ziona woman murdered her 75-year-old mother with a hammer and then tried to kill herself in the city on Sunday.

Around 6 p.m., Shfela subdistrict police reported finding a 75-year-old woman dead with signs of violence on her body in her Ness Ziona apartment. In an adjacent room, they found her 40-year-old daughter lying barely conscious in serious condition.

Near the dead woman’s body police found a hammer, the suspected murder weapon, while the daughter is suspected of trying to kill herself by a drug overdose.

Paramedics said they were first called to the apartment at 5:35 pm by the woman’s son, who came and found his mother’s body after she had failed to answer his telephone calls.

Police have not been able to question the daughter because of her condition, and still do not know the motive for the murder.
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