Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli Conflict: From peace efforts to suicide bombers. News updates and breaking news from the heart of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict that has been shaping the Holy Land for a century.

IDF to use elite intelligence troops to map clash that killed Shireen

The IDF teams mapping out the scene of Abu Akleh's death will also include officers from Unit 9900 as well as other intelligence staff.

First Lebanon War, 1982: A turning point for Israel

At this moment of birth, fraught as are all such moments, many of the core elements that form the current Israeli landscape, politically, militarily and societally, came into being.

Tales from the front of the First Lebanon War

A combat veteran from the First Lebanon War, recalls his treacherous military service in Beirut


First Lebanon War still resonates in Israel 40 years later

While the war was not a military failure, it was a trauma: “This was the first time that a big part of the nation did not see the war as justified.”


Underfunding UNRWA will lead to its collapse, agency head warns

Lazzarini: It's not enough to renew the mandate, UN nations must provide funds for it. Failure to do so would "push the agency towards financial collapse."

Terror Israel

Amnesty calls Palestinian teen stabber victim of 'Israeli apartheid'

Ahmad Manasrah, 20, "lost his childhood in Israel's prison system," said Amnesty International, after going on a stabbing rampage in 2015.

Israel will not tolerate attacks from Gaza despite political instability, Bennett warns

"I would not advise anyone on the other side to try and challenge Israel's security stability," the outgoing prime minister said on Wednesday.

Two Israelis indicted for 'racist' ransacking of Palestinian coffee shop

Videos of the attack showed customers getting up from their tables and fleeing to the back of the shop as the Jewish men wearing face masks entered with steel rods and clubs.

Palestinian stabbed and killed by Israeli near Salfit - Palestinian report

Israel Police have opened an investigation into the incident.


Amid calls to end security coordination, slain gunman's father blames PA

Several Palestinian activists claimed over the past few days that Israel and the PA were working together to eliminate scores of gunmen in the Jenin area.

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