Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli Conflict: From peace efforts to suicide bombers. News updates and breaking news from the heart of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict that has been shaping the Holy Land for a century.

Hamas: Five countries were involved in attempted prisoners swap with Israel

"The complicated political situation in Israel cast a heavy shadow on the interests of the Zionist prisoners and their families."

A Isreal Shekel note and a U.S. Dollar note are seen in this June 22, 2017 illustration photo
COGAT stops Palestinians from exchanging shekels for foreign currency

The move was made in response to the decision by the Palestinian Authority to stop buying calves from Israel and to begin importing calves from other countries.

A general view shows the Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit in the West Bank April 7, 2019
Construction permits, investment in settlements dramatically up

Increased settlement activity comes as Jordan Valley launches political campaign to get Blue and White Party to join effort to annex West Bank region

A Palestinian member of Hamas security forces stands guards next to a poster depicting Egypt's Presi
Egypt proposes 5-year ceasefire between Hamas and Israel - report

Sources in the Arabic media claim efforts are being made to persuade Hamas and the PIJ to accept a long-term ceasefire proposal that is planned last for five years.

PA official claims Herzl wanted Palestinians to 'be eaten in Africa'

In a recent sermon, a top PA religious official criticized Theodor Herzl as racist and Arthur Balfour as an antisemite.

A Syrian soldier is seen standing in the Nasib border crossing with Jordan in Deraa, Syria July 7, 2
Deputy mayors visiting Jordan forced to remove kippot, religious symbols

"They threw the tzitzit in the garbage," wrote Markowitz. "They checked each one of us to make sure that there weren't tzitzit under our shirts."

Even after 25 years of peace: Israel-Jordan relations hinge Palestinians

Jordan is relevant and connected to virtually all the core issues at the heart of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, and it therefore has an important role in any future solution.

The Hague
Did Palestinians push ICC Prosecutor into complimenting IDF?

International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said that one reason that she would not open a criminal probe was that the case had been probed by the IDF legal division.

Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh attends a meeting with members of international media in Gazaa
Hamas-affiliated analyst calls for dialogue with US

"America is a force that cannot be ignored and, if possible, we should have a dialogue with it on the basis of our people’s rights. All countries want to be friends with America.”

Palestinians criticize joint Israel-Gaza medical 'voluntourism'

Despite winning rare joint support from both the Israeli government and Hamas, Palestinians have been critical of the foreign volunteers contributing to tourism in Israel.

Danny Danon
Israeli UN Mission calls for recognition of Jewish refugees

The resolution will ask the UN to recognize the 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran.

Palestinian refugees hold Palestinian flags and chant slogans during a protest in front of UNRWA off
Israel barring Malaysian ‘Embassy to Palestine’ because of antisemitism

As a result, Malaysia opened an “Embassy to Palestine” in Amman, Jordan.

Aaron's Tomb Jordan
Jordan to reopen Aaron's Tomb after closure due to 'illegal' Jewish prayer

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin notified Foreign Minister Israel Katz about the decision to reopen the site as part of talks that began during a meeting with Jordanian officials in London.

Streaks of light are pictured as rockets are launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, as seen fr
Israel struck by over 2,600 rockets and mortars over past two years

1,500 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel in the past year alone.

Palestinians take part in a rally marking the 31st anniversary of Hamas' founding, in Gaza City
Talks between Hamas and Israel renewed - report

The Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nikolai Mladenov is expected to meet with the leadership of Hamas in the coming days in order to complete talks about an agreement.

Israeli Palestinian cooperation
Squabbling among ‘businessmen’ threatens US effort to engage Palestinians

Delegates ‘remove’ head of Palestinian delegation to Bahrain economic workshop

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett: Israel will no longer release the bodies of terrorists

The new policy will be introduced shortly in the security cabinet as part of a broader deterrence policy.

Palestinian women sit at the debris of a house destroyed in an air strike in the southern Gaza Strip
Women in Gaza find ways to cope with challenges, UNRWA study shows

The study was conducted between May and August, and included focus groups and in-person interviews with several dozen women in different locations in the Strip.

Dore Gold, a senior adviser to Israel's Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu, is seen before Netany
Dore Gold: Democrats Letter about settlement illegality ‘seriously flawed’

“Let’s be clear: Israel adheres to international law,” wrote Gold, a former director-general of the Foreign Ministry.

Thousands participate in Palestinian ‘Day of Rage’ against US, Israel

The protests came in the aftermath of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent announcement that settlements are not inconsistent with international law.

 Maj. Mary Thorton of the U.S. Army and Brig.-Gen. Zvika Haimovitch on March 8, 2018.
Israel taking credit for attacking Iran in Syria provoked retaliation

Former IDF Brig.-Gen. Zvika Haimovich said Israel has to prepare for a multi-directional attack from Iran and its proxies.

Hebron Palestinians claim rock-throwing Jews injured toddler

According to the Arabic satellite television station Al Ghad based in Cairo and London, which showed a video of the baby crying, some ten Palestinians were injured by rocks during the incident.

Star of David painted on a house as part of a 'price tag' attack
Price tag attacks reported in four Palestinian villages with torched cars

Palestinian vehicles were torched and had their tires slashed, and graffiti was scrawled, in price tag attacks in four separate Palestinian villages near the West Bank cities of Nablus and Ariel.

Settling the law

How significant is the US declaration that settlements are not illegal?

Arab initiative rejects BDS movement, seeks new Israeli-Palestinian talks

Arab initiative aims to repudiate BDS movement, renew Israeli-Palestinian dialogue

Al Mazzeh airport, Syria, released on November 20, 2019.
Iranian targets in Syria – before and after Israeli strikes

Israel attacked dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian Arab Army.

European ambassadors to the United Nations Security Council (L-R) Jurgen Schulz, German Deputy Ambas
Settlements are illegal, 14 UNSC members tell an isolated U.S.

The UNSC has held that the Israeli activity over the pre-1967 lines is illegal under international law. This includes activity in east Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the West Bank.

Look left for Gaza, right for Iran

A senior defense official said it was the most widespread strike targeting Iranian infrastructure in Syria, and with the number of Iranian fatalities quite high, a retaliation is expected.

Attack in Syria on August 25, 2019.
Syria condemns Israeli airstrikes, claims civilians injured

Syria responded quickly to the airstrikes, publishing numerous photos and reports.

IAF attacks Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria, November 20, 2019
23 killed as Israel strikes over 20 Iranian, Syrian regime targets

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett to Iran: You are no longer immune. Wherever you stretch your tentacles-we will hack them off.

Palestinian photographer loses sight in eye hit by Israeli bullet

Following the incident, photo journalists from around the world posted on social media photos of themselves with one eye covered by a patch.

Iron Dome's success may inadvertently weaken Israeli deterrence - experts

Iron Dome's 90 percent intercept rate encourages complacency among Israeli leaders while enticing her enemies to strike harder.

A poster of Palestinian FA chief Jibril Rajoub with Argentina's soccer player Lionel Messi is seen d
FIFA should ban PA Football Association for boycotting Israelis, watchdog says

"The International Judo Federation showed its clear moral fiber by suspending the Iran Judo Federation," says Palestinian Media Watch, demanding the international football body to do the same.

Farmers find rocket parts near Gaza; security forces warn many more out there

Security officials urge the public to be careful, avoid approaching them and call security forces if they find any.

Netanyahu: Israel has not changed Gaza policy, will strike enemies

"Our security policy has not changed – not even slightly."

A Palestinian militant walks past the home of Islamic Jihad field commander Baha Abu Al-Atta after i
Israel says it is probing deadly Gaza air strike

Shortly before the ceasefire went into effect on Thursday, the IDF struck a home belonging to Rasmi Abu Malhous, killing eight members of his family, including five children.

AN IDF soldier patrols the border area between Israel and Jordan at Naharayim, as seen from the Isra
Jordanian government: return of enclaves resounding diplomatic victory

Press report released indicates ongoing perception of “Cold Peace” between Israel and Jordan after 25 years of peace

A Palestinian militant walks past the home of Islamic Jihad field commander Baha Abu Al-Atta after i
Hamas official attacked when paying visit to slain PIJ commander's family

Some PIJ members expressed outrage that Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar and other Hamas leaders did not pay a condolence visit to the family of Bahaa al-Ata in the first days after his death.

A ROCKET fired from Gaza by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad heads toward Israel this week
Gaza border communities councils announce end of emergency situation

Local councils in Gaza announced a return to routine on Friday, despite the fact that during the night, the IDF attacked Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip.

Love and pain are intertwined in Zeruya Shalev's newly translated novel

Shalev sets the tone in an impressive and vivid account of a woman trying to deal with events she cannot control

'Israel Denial' lays bare academic attempts to delegitimize Israel

Postmodernism and post-colonialism, combined with antisemitism, have created fertile ground for extreme anti-Israel demonization on campus.

Yuli Edelstein
Knesset Speaker protests EU ruling labeling West Bank products

"Although the decision is couched as an impartial effort to rule narrowly on a legal case and to ensure that consumers understand the provenance of their food, it in fact applies a double standard."

A ROCKET fired from Gaza by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad heads toward Israel this week
Security and Defense: Assessing Operation Black Belt

Both the IDF and Islamic Jihad can point to victories in this week’s conflict.

Netanyahu visits the Shin Bet command center which carried out the operation against Bahaa Abu al-At
Netanyahu visits Shin Bet command center which targeted Abu al-Ata

The prime minister and the Shin Bet chief, Nadav Argaman, met with workers and employees from the operational, technological and intelligence units.

UN expected to renew UNRWA’s mandate Friday in spite of ethical probe

Israel has long been concerned about the organization, and has argued that it helped promote a politicized idea of Palestinian refugee status that makes it hard to resolve the conflict.

Hamas announces: No Gaza border protests this Friday - report

This would be the first that Hamas cancels the protests since March 2019, over 6 months ago.

A Palestinian incendiary balloon that landed in a field in Israel
U.S. human rights group sued for funding Palestinian balloon terror

“This landmark case exposes a shocking and multi-layered planned conspiracy and campaign aimed at manipulating the public,” said Adv. Yifa Segal of the International Legal Forum.

By 'abandoning' PIJ, Hamas risks sparking crisis with Iran - analysis

“We have shown that we can go to war without Hamas,” said a PIJ official. “We are no longer seen as the little brother of Hamas.”

Rocket fired from Gaza Tuesday morning
IDF strikes PIJ targets overnight following ceasefire breach

According to Palestinian media, the IDF attacked four targets, with four Palestinians being lightly injured as a result.

IDF remains on high alert as rockets threaten cease fire

Senior PIJ official claims this was just one round, not the end • PM: ‘We can reach everyone, even in their bed’

Israel Katz: Targeted slaying of PIJ leaders sends warning to region

Israel killed PIJ leader Bahaa Abu al-Ata in a surgical strike in Gaza, marking Israel’s clear return to targeted assassinations.

Iranian armed forces members march during the ceremony of the National Army Day parade in Tehran, Ir
IDF, Iranian-led PIJ battle was limited, will not be the last - analysis

While the battle against PIJ was limited and Israel only used a small amount of its capacity, the real challenge is in the North, and against Iran and its other proxies.

Former Shin Bet head: IDF's response not enough

"There is no problem for the IDF to conquer the Gaza Strip. This is not an operational challenge. But you have to think about the cost," Cohen said.

Nickolay Mladenov, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Personal
UN envoy: Coming days critical to prevent fourth Israeli-Gaza war

Middle East Peace Process envoy Nickolay Mladenov has been in Cairo working with the Egyptians to bring Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza back from the brink of war.

Iron Dome anti-missile system fires interception missiles as rockets are launched from Gaza towards
Rockets fired hours after Israel, Islamic Jihad announce ceasefire

After two days of heavy fighting between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the two sides announced a ceasefire on Thursday morning, which went into affect around 5:30 a.m..

Rockets fly over the house where Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata was assassinated
PIJ Sec.-Gen. presents ceasefire conditions as rocket barrage fired

"The Al-Quds Brigades has not exhausted all its missiles and weapons against the enemy," warned al-Nakhla.

An eerie quiet interrupted by rocket fire and interceptions

You could hear a pin drop, or a rocket fired

AN IRON DOME antimissile system is installed near the Israeli side of the border with Syria in the G
Israel, Islamic Jihad agree on ceasefire, IDF confirms

The ceasefire reportedly took effect at 5:30 a.m. Nonetheless, at around 6:00 a.m., rockets were fired from Gaza at Jewish communities on the border.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen
How Israeli intel derailed Hamas’s ‘secret weapons’ for bigger war

There are broader strategic reasons why Hamas has so far stayed on the sidelines, but part of it can undoubtedly be traced to Israeli intelligence success at liquidating Hamas’s weapons experts.

Rocket fired from Gaza Tuesday morning
Poll - What should Israel do: ceasefire, continue strikes or retake Gaza?

More than 350 rockets fired at Israel which deploys tanks, artillery batteries along Gaza border amid predictions violence will escalate but what should the Jewish state do? Have your say.

Ashkelon residents, fed up with gov’t inaction

He stressed that "the government doesn't know what it's like. They should send MKs here to see what we go through, what the children of this city go through - it's the whole south. Not just us.

Mladenov in Cairo: UN working to deescalate Israeli-Gaza violence

"The indiscriminate launching of rockets and mortars against population centers is absolutely unacceptable and must stop immediately."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and IDF commanders
Netanyahu: Gaza terror leaders know Israel can target them anywhere

“We do not mean to escalate [the situation],” Netanyahu said, “but we will know how to…protect the state of Israel and its citizens.”

Jewish communities worldwide stand by Israel

J Street, non-Orthodox Jewish denominations backing Israel, while fringe radical left-wing Jewish organizations denounce Israel’s killing of Islamic Jihad commander and response to rocket attacks.

House where Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata was assassinated by the IDF
Who is Ziyad al-Nakhalah, the Islamic Jihad's Beirut-based chief?

Born in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip in 1953, the father of six was first arrested by Israel in 1971 for his membership in the Arab Liberation Forces, a terrorist group.

Expensive escalation: The civilian cost of the Gaza violence

Losses to businesses in the South and central regions were estimated to total approximately NIS 1.1 billion ($315m.) by Wednesday afternoon.

A trail of smoke can be seen as rockets are fired from Gaza towards Israel
Israel’s maximum restraint and the myth of a ‘clean war’

In 2009, after more than 250 rockets, Israel would have been at war already. Today, there is no need for a rush to action and disproportionate response.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with newly-appointed Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and IDF Chie
Naftali Bennett: Israeli security forces will hunt down every terrorist

The new defense minister also said that the terrorists are doing as much harm to Gazan civilians as they are to Israelis.

IDF tanks along the Gaza border
Islamic Jihad says not ready for ceasefire; PM: Israel will do what’s needed

“We will not tolerate attacks on our citizens,” Netanyahu said. “In the last year, we accumulated a mass of these attacks.”

Mourners carry the body of Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu Al-Atta during his Gaza funeral
Israel threatens to assassinate Islamic Jihad leader in Damascus - report

According to a report in the Arabic language al-Hayat newspaper, Israel’s message was delivered to Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) through United Nations Special Envoy for the Middle East Nickolay Mladenov.

Bennett's warning to Gaza: Harm us by day, you won't make it through the night

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel will respond to every Palestinian Islamic Jihad attack.

A Palestinian boy near a militant target that was hit in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza
Islamic Jihad terrorist's home hit by IDF airstrike - report

Sources say the house belongs to the Abu Hadaid family.

People run to take cover in Ashkelon
Cairo, UN working to halt IDF-Islamic Jihad violence

*Close to 400 rockets target Israel in two-days * At least 26 Palestinians killed *

Hamas TV plays 'Death to Israel' song as terrorists launch rockets

The video features the words "death to Israel" in Hebrew as well as clips from funerals of Israeli terror victims.

Palestinian prime minister: Israel must immediately stop its aggression

"Israel must immediately stop its ongoing aggression against our people in Gaza," Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh tweeted.

Trump: I could be prime minister

President says he was able to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem because he did not call back Arab leaders who opposed the move.

Nickolay Mladenov (C), the United Nations Secretary-General Special Representative to the Middle Eas
UN Advisor Mladenov 'urgently heads' to Cairo to deescalate situation

The National Security Advisor Meir Ben Shabbat updated security cabinet members on Tuesday Hamas told Egypt that it is not interested in an escalation, Channel 13 reported.

Reporter gets the giggles summing up tense day of rocket attacks in Sderot

Talking about the 170 rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, Steinman began to laugh uncontrollably and apologized between giggles, shrugging it off by saying “Live broadcast.”

Netiv Haasara
Shelter, snacks and soldiers: War on the Gaza border

These wars and escalations are a bit repetitive. I’ve covered them since 2009 when I first volunteered in Sderot to help civilians. 2012. 2014.

EX-SENIOR IDF lawyer Liron Libman has
Who is authorized to decide on military action in Israel?

Former chief military prosecutor explains that it is not clear

Im Tirzu calls for 'complete destruction of Hamas'

The NGO uploaded multiple videos and photos on their social media on Tuesday morning calling for a victory. Activists were also out and about hanging signs that said, "Bibi - Give Us The Order!"

#JiHadEnough: Another IDF social media misfire

#JiHadEnough, which was used in the IDF's tweet announcing the assassination of Baha Abu Al Ata, is the latest in the IDF's misguided social media campaigns.

Gaza terror groups: Israel has crossed a red line

PIJ says too early to talk about ceasefire

Rishon Lezion quiet as rockets rain down
Central Israel a ghost town as terrorists aim rockets at the country

People wondered out loud whether or not there would be a war.

IDF soldiers blocking a CNN camera on Tuesday near the border with Gaza
WATCH: IDF soldiers block CNN reporter's camera on live TV

CNN's Jerusalem Correspondent Oren Liebermann was seen in the live video trying to maneuver away so he could continue reporting, but a hand kept blocking the camera and blacking out the transmission.

Benjamin Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi in Tel Aviv on Tuesday
Kochavi: IDF is ready on the ground, in the air and at sea

Netanyahu: Gaza Operation will take time; We will hit anyone who hits us.

Rocket fired from Gaza Tuesday morning
What Gaza means for Iran, Hamas and Gantz - Analysis

Israel was saying very clearly – all of Islamic Jihad is in our sights and is a legitimate target. No one is beyond Israel’s reach.

A MOTHER puts her children to bed in a public bomb shelter in Ashkelon during the 2014 Gazan war
What should you do if you hear a rocket siren?

As rockets fly, welfare institutions, public health officials issue recommendations.

Rubble outside the home of Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa Abu al-Atta in the Gaza Strip
In photos: Israel under rocket fire from Gaza

Who was Islamic Jihad's Baha Abu al-Ata and why did Israel want him dead?

The head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s (PIJ) Al-Quds Brigades in Gaza, Baha Abu al-Ata was considered one of the top terrorists in the blockaded coastal enclave.

In BDS victory, top European Court rules settlement products must be labeled

Israel holds that such labeling helps the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement boycott such products.

Live Updates: Rockets fly over southern Israel, despite ceasefire

Rockets test shaky ceasefire

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