Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli Conflict: From peace efforts to suicide bombers. News updates and breaking news from the heart of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict that has been shaping the Holy Land for a century.

Why were there massive airstrikes against Syria? - analysis

The strikes come as the Trump administration is wrapping up its era.

UNRWA's education filled with hate, calls to jihad and violence - report

Israel is demonized for exerting a negative influence on the entire Middle East region.

Israel's new Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi

Ashkenazi, Palestinian FM were invited to launch talks in Cairo

Ashkenazi was unable to attend due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Abbas rival oversees UAE medical aid to Gaza

Hamas has allowed Dahlan loyalists to hold political rallies in the Gaza Strip, much to the dismay of Abbas and the PA leadership in the West Bank.

IDF arrests shepherd crossing the border from Lebanon

It is believed that this shepherd is part of a group that works in cooperation with Hezbollah and crossed into Israel on purpose.

A young Palestinian sits and two IDF soldiers stand at the entrance of the Qalandiya crossing, 2019.

Border Police officer lightly injured in attempted stabbing at checkpoint

When security forces prevented him from entering the suspect began to become aggressive, pulled out a screwdriver and apparently tried to stab one of the security guards with a screwdriver.

Abdelnaser Soboh, Emergency Health Lead in the World Health Organization's Gaza sub-office, stands n

PA: Israel responsible for providing vaccine to Palestinians

Palestinian officials have in the past two weeks made contradictory statements as to whether the PA had asked Israel for vaccines.

17th year of a four-year term; Will Abbas hold Palestinian elections?

Originally elected for a four year term meant to end in 2009, the Palestinian President faces pressure to hold elections.

Syrian air defence batteries responding to what the Syrian state media said were Israeli missiles

Alleged Israeli airstrike reported in southern Syria

This is the third alleged Israeli airstrike reported in Syria in the past two weeks.


IDF: Soldier who shot Palestinian felt his life was in danger

The IDF claims that the soldier who shot the Palestinian last week in a village near Hebron did so because he felt that his life was in danger.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the arrival of the first batch of Pfizer vaccines

Israel sends Palestinian Authority vaccines for ‘humanitarian cases’

The small number of vaccines were transferred to the PA earlier this week for and have yet to be used.

E1 area of the West Bank

‘Sovereignty Road’ linking Jerusalem to E1 to receive NIS 14m. boost

“This is a significant breakthrough in advancing the issue."

Israel convicts Palestinian activist of illegal protest, assault

The defendent denied the charges, which included protesting without a permit, obstructing Israeli soldiers' activities in the flashpoint city of Hebron and assaulting a Jewish settler.

Prison cell block

Iran temporarily frees Jewish prisoner for her crime of visiting Israel

Travel to Israel is a crime in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The inside of the car that was attacked by stone throwing by Palestinians in the West Bank, January

Calls for 'popular resistance' behind upsurge in West Bank violence

As long as the IDF does not rein in the settlers, attacks such as this one will continue, Palestinians contend.

Spike in demolition of illegal Palestinian homes in 2020

The demolitions rendered 1,006 Palestinians homeless, of which 627 were in the West Bank.

Shin Bet: Horgen murderer ‘wanted to avenge Palestinian prisoner’s death’

The name of the suspect is Mohammad Maroh Kabaha, a 40-year-old resident of the village of a-Tura near Jenin.


EU demands probe into IDF shooting of Palestinian

Abu Aram is in critical condition in a Hebron hospital after being shot in the neck.

IRANIAN PRESIDENT Hassan Rouhani (right) and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Who wanted to pay the pri

Why is Iran pushing antisemitic dog-whistle on Israel ‘false flag’ attack?

The dog whistle claiming that Israel will be behind “false flag” attacks in Iran to bring the US and Iran to war is part of this history of blaming Jews for conflicts.

Poster of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Shatila Palestinian refugee camp, Beirut

Arafat’s widow: Second Intifada was a mistake

Deposed Fatah operative Mohammed Dahlan, a former PA security commander in the Gaza Strip, moved to the United Arab Emirates after falling out with PA President Mahmoud Abbas ten years ago.

Palestinian protest against music rave turns into anti-Israel rally

The Palestinian Authority security forces arrested Sama Abdulhadi, the first Palestinian female techno-music DJ, for holding a concert at Nabi Musa.

Abbas announces agreement with Hamas to hold elections

Hamas did not immediately comment on Abbas’s announcement.

2020: A year when normalization trumped annexation

SETTLEMENT AFFAIRS: Israel pulled back from West Bank annexation in 2020, but the story is not over.

‘Number of Jews and Palestinians will be equal at end of 2022’

Both will have an estimated population of 7.1 million each, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics president Ola Awad.

The Hague

Israel’s 2 top int’l law officials take on ICC: Is Gaza ‘occupied’?

Confronting delegitimization of IDF conduct in Gaza, the blockade and closures

PA TV: Palestinian 'expert' claims rabbis teach children to kill non-Jews

Palestinian Media Watch reported that this allegation was made by Wasaf Erekat, introduced as a military expert, on an official PA TV program in mid-December.

IDF reveals it attacked 50 targets in Syria throughout 2020

176 rockets were launched from Gaza, IDF yearly report finds


PA to pay three months pay for slay salaries to terrorists

The law will state that any person that makes a financial transaction which "supports, promotes, fund or rewards" terror activities will be subject to a prison sentence of up to 10 years

How Hamas could be the engine for Qatar-Israel normalization

Close coordination between Israel and Qatar to facilitate sufficient funding for Hamas to keep Gaza’s economy from collapsing will likely be the key to moving Doha to a normalization deal.

UNICEF ignores PA recruitment of kids to violence

PMW gave evidence, but group looked only at Hamas, PIJ

Gaza’s drill – preparation for war or a PR stunt?

It is a rare sight; the different factions deciding in an “act of unity” to join hands in the operation.


Palestinians vandalize EU-funded site to protest music party

Abandoned for many years, the site previously served as a center for the rehabilitation of drug addicts from east Jerusalem and the West Bank

Gaza terror groups plan large military drill

The main groups expected to participate in the drill belong to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Fatah.

Peres Center sees significant potential in new UAE ties

At the time of the delegation’s trip the Center’s Chairman Chemi Peres, said he was delighted to head the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation delegation to the United Arab Emirates.

Hamas ‘not in a hurry’ for war with Israel

The Gaza-based terror group reiterated its commitment to "armed struggle" as the sole means of solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Esther Hurgan, the woman killed in a suspected terror attack in the northern West Bank on Dec. 21

Palestinian suspected of killing Esther Horgen re-enacts murder

The suspect described how he threw the stone at Horgen's head, crushing her skull.


Eight tons of strawberries seized from Gaza Strip amid smuggling attempts

Enforcement agents from the Agriculture Ministry found the illegally-imported fruit.

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo

New pro-Palestine Twitter campaign denies Israel’s existence

Once again it is important to reiterate there is no evidence that the articles being replied to or retweeted have any connection to each other or the coordinated campaign

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a meeting with Slovenia's Prime Minister Janez Janša in Je

Netanyahu hints Israel won't shy away from military action against Iran

"Our policy is clear and consistent: whoever tries to harm us will suffer a crushing blow."

Esther Hurgan, the woman killed in a suspected terror attack in the northern West Bank on Dec. 21

Donation campaign to help Horgen family after alleged terrorist attack

Funds collected through a new campaign set up via Facebook will go to the family of alleged terror victim Esther Horgen.

Terrorist hailed as 'hero' by PA after serving 34 years for murder

Terrorist Muhammad Daoud is being praised by the PA for murdering an innocent Israeli woman 34 years ago.

Meir Ben Shabbat and Jared Kushner meet with King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Morocco and Israel to open diplomatic missions within two weeks

While in Rabat, the US and Israeli delegations were expected to sign the first documents that are part of the Israel-Morocco normalization deal.

Portuguese FM: We'll move embassy when Jerusalem is capital of two states

The country has no plans to follow the United States on this issue

Netanyahu and Abbas

Palestinians hope new election will ‘end Netanyahu era’

The Palestinians believe that the prospects of holding the proposed conference have grown after the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the US presidential election.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi as they wear prote

Ex-NSC chief: 'Huge mistake for Biden to drop leverage on Iran'

"Biden should seek Iran nuke restrictions for 50 years."

UN SPECIAL Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov briefs the UN in New York

Mladenov urges two states, not one as he bid farewell to UNSC

"For all our collective efforts, the only way forward out of the one-state reality that we increasingly face on the ground is through engagement between the parties and not through violence."

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi visits Israel's northern border with Syria.

If Iran or its proxies attack Israel, they will pay heavy price - Kochavi

“I am putting things in a simple way and describing the situation to our enemies as it is - our retaliation plans are prepared, and they were all practiced in advance.”


Hamas slams PA for 'politically-motivated' arrests

In July, Fatah and Hamas announced that they have reached agreement to work together to topple Israeli and US “conspiracies.”

Esther Hurgan, the woman killed in a suspected terror attack in the northern West Bank on Dec. 21

Woman's body found in West Bank forest, police investigating terror attack

"The security forces will, with God's help, get their hands on the perpetrators of this terrible attack and bring them justice," said MK Betzalel Smotrich.


Portuguese FM: Biden presents new option for renewed Palestinian talks

"We welcome the signs that are multiplying that there are conditions to relaunch direct conversations between Palestinians and Israel," he said.

Gantz: I hope I can meet with Palestinians in the near future

There has not been a meeting between an Israeli defense minister and or prime minister in years. Talks between Israel and the PA broke down in 2014 and have never been revived.

Hamas bans Muslims from attending Christmas celebrations in Gaza

FIDA dubs Hamas decision departure from values ​​of tolerance, brotherhood that have always prevailed among Palestinians, Christians, Muslims

Over 50,000 Israelis have already visited the UAE since peace deal signing

“It will probably be the nicest mikvah in the world,” said Rabbi Mendel Duchman, who works for the JCC.


Morocco was already a welcome place 40 years before normalizations

REGIONAL AFFAIRS: When peace feelers between Egypt and Israel developed after the war, Morocco became a prime facilitator.

Noor Dahri

Pakistani officials may have met with Israelis amid rumor of peace deal

Among those who have spoken out about this possibility is Noor Dahri the founder of the British think tank Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism.

Knesset gives initial approval to legalization of 65 West Bank outposts

The Young Settlements Forum called on Netanyahu and Gantz to shortcut the process by holding a government vote on the matter before the country's heads to a fourth election.

PA mufti: No room for non-Muslims on Temple Mount

“There is no place for non-Muslims in any way in this mosque, whether through schools, churches or other places of worship.”

Israel’s historic missile test: A message to Iran, Hezbollah, allies

Today’s warfare is not about hunting down terrorists in buildings or using tanks, it is also about confronting hi-tech missiles and drones

Israel-Hamas prisoner swap proposal outrageous, Defense c’tee chair says

In 2011, Israel released 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, about a third of whom were serving life sentences for terrorist attacks on Israelis, in exchange for captive soldier Gilad Schalit.

Protestors tear down a picture of Lt.-Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan Abdelrahman minutes after it was h

US removes Sudan from terrorism list

Sudan has had the designation since 1993, on the grounds that ousted President Omar al-Bashir was harboring militant groups. It has cut Sudan off from financial assistance and investment.

Hamas members burn coffin draped in Israeli flag, rally marking 13th anniversary of Second Intifada

On 33rd anniversary, Hamas vows to free Palestine ‘from sea to river’

Hamas also vowed to confront normalization agreements between the Arab countries and Israel, dubbing them a “national sin that only serve the Zionist enterprise in the region.”

Abbas seeks Qatar’s support for international peace conference

Abbas’s visit comes in the aftermath of the normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

Israel Prime Minister Office Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets Sultan Qaboos bin Said

Oman, Indonesia likely next countries to forge ties with Israel

Netanyahu visited Oman in 2018 and met with then-leader Sultan Qaboos, Rabin visited Indonesia in 1993.

Syria makes command changes to 1st Corps following Israeli threats

The report named Maj.-Gen. Ramadan Ramadan as incoming commander of the 1st Corps, replacing Lua’a Ali Ahmad Asa’ad.

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump and Morocco King Mohammed VI

Moroccan Islamist groups reject normalizing ties with Israel

The religious branch of the co-ruling PJD party said in a statement the move was "deplorable" and denounced "all attempts at normalisation and the Zionist infiltration."


Oman welcomes Morocco, Israel normalization as step towards regional peace

Israel and Morocco agreed on Thursday to normalize relations in a deal brokered with US help, making Morocco the fourth Arab country to set aside hostilities with Israel.


Are Morocco-Israel relations a surprise, or natural next step? - analysis

Middle East countries are rushing toward unprecedented peace deals, but each has its own reasons.

How did a Biden victory help the PA renew security ties with Israel?

PALESTINIAN AFFAIRS: Recent moves by the Palestinian Authority could ease the Palestinians’ economic crisis, but they also send a signal to the Biden administration that Ramallah still exists.

Abbas: Palestinians ready to resume peace talks with Israel

Egypt steps up pressure on Abbas to revive peace process

King of Jordan Abdullah II addresses the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France January 15, 2020.

Abdullah: No to undermining Jordan's control of Jerusalem holy sites

In recent years, Jordan has repeatedly called on Israel to “stop its violations and provocations and respect the legal and historical status quo” at the al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Gaza jeweller struggles to sell Christmas gold

Gaza jeweler struggles to sell Christmas gold

This year, the coronavirus pandemic is keeping traditional customers away from the 500-year-old gold market, a narrow lane lined by tiny shops under a vaulted roof.

Airbnb apartment (Illustrative)

Amnesty slams Airbnb ahead of IPO for West Bank listings

Airbnb was accused of acting in bad faith by not informing investors of "politically sensitive" business activities.


Hanegbi: Gov't decision to legalize outposts ready, ball in PM's court

Hanegbi noted that it was likely that the Knesset would disperse, but he felt it was possible that a decision on the outposts could be made before the government fell.

EU promises COVID-19 vaccines, clean water for Gaza

According to the UN, there are 15,989 Palestinian COVID-19 cases in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, and 10,091 in Gaza.

WHO WILL rule this? Palestinians wave flags at traffic on Highway 1 leading to the Dead Sea

Palestinians vow to continue ‘struggle’ against Israel

Tuesday marked the 33rd anniversary of the First Intifada.

PA wrong to pin hopes on Biden, Palestinians warn

Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other extremist factions have expressed opposition to Abbas’s intention to resume peace talks with Israel and engage with a Biden administration.

Saudi prince slams Israel in panel with Ashkenazi

Ashkenazi took part in the panel on “new security partnerships in the Middle East” via video link from the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

Hezbollah reportedly launched drone near IDF base without being spotted

The drone was launched in late October during the IDF's "Lethal Arrow" exercises in the North, which saw the army simulate a war with Hezbollah.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds allies in his fight against Iran. In Abu Dhabi, Crown Prince

Saudi Arabia at Bahrain conference: Normalization with Israel possibility

Saudi's FM said it was important to get Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiating table.

PA slams Czech Republic’s decision to open diplomatic office in Jerusalem

The Czech Republic is the second EU member-state, after Hungary, to open an official diplomatic mission in Jerusalem.

PA TV teaches children they're refugees, will 'return' to Israeli cities

The show featured a map of "Palestine" covering all territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, without the State of Israel.

Jordan: Israel attempting to impose new fait accompli on al-Aqsa mosque

The five resolutions are part of an annual flurry of 20 pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli texts that the UNGA passes on an annual basis - more than any other country.

Palestinians invest more abroad than foreigners invest in territories

Political uncertainty and restrictions on movement behind the phenomenon, experts say.


Hotovely: Direct negotiations in Israeli-Palestinian talks only option

Hotovely was evasive whether there will eventually be a Palestinian state, but made it clear that no matter what, Jerusalem will remain united.


Sisi: Egypt supports resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

The Egyptian president said that Cairo will continue its efforts to end the dispute between Abbas’s ruling Fatah faction and Hamas.

A Palestinian employee paid by the Palestinian Authority gestures as he holds money

Cabinet authorizes tax transfer to PA, minus pay-for-slay funds

The taxes and tariffs to be transferred to the PA amount to NIS 2.5b. ($700m.)

State has until July to update court on failure to evacuate Khan Al-Ahmar

The High Court of Justice ruling is the latest twist in a protracted legal battle with regard to the West Bank herding village of Khan Al-Ahmar that dates back at least eleven years.

PA informs Biden admin, European nations, it's ready to negotiate with Israel

"We call upon the new American leadership to intervene, as no progress in the peace process in the Middle East can be made without the US," al-Maliki stated.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu's presentation on Iran's Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Warning from the past comes back to haunt Iran’s top nuclear scientist

Two years ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu first divulged Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as the father of Iran’s nuclear project.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands with US President Donald Trump after signing the Abraham Ac

Netanyahu likely to visit Manama, Abu Dhabi after Hanukkah

Ashkenazi also planned to open the Israeli Embassy in Manama, at the location where a secret Israeli diplomatic office in Bahrain’s capital one existed.

PA TV kids program claims Israel 'deliberately' kills Palestinian children

Viewers of the program would typically still be within the K12 schooling years.

Palestinian security forces guard outside al-Istishari hospital in Ramallah

Hamas: Security coordination with Israel foiled unity talks

Hamas is strongly opposed to security coordination with Israel and considers it a form of “collaboration with the Zionist enemy.”

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