Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli Conflict: From peace efforts to suicide bombers. News updates and breaking news from the heart of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict that has been shaping the Holy Land for a century.

Netanyahu to follow Saudi visit with Bahrain trip

"This was our second conversation; it was very friendly," Netanyahu said regarding a conversation with Bahrain's prime minister.

Hamas threatens Israel as Gaza COVID-19 cases surge

The ministry said that 685 new cases were detected in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours.

Arab authors call for UAE boycott

In September, 80 artists and organizations signed a letter pledging that they would boycott all events and activities sponsored by the UAE because of its deal with Israel.

Report reignites controversy over night arrests of Palestinian minors

The IDF said that night arrests were carried out in place of daytime arrests to avoid village-wide struggles which could lead to far more casualties on both sides.

Netanyahu, MBS close ranks against Iran ahead of Biden presidency

The participants wanted people to find out about the meeting, and, in light of the timing, they are broadcasting a message to one person in particular: US President-elect Joe Biden.

Israeli delegation heads to Sudan to firm up ties, Israeli radio says

On Monday, an Israeli official said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had visited Saudi Arabia, in a possibly related breakthrough.

Lightning strikes over Gaza City November 15, 2020.
It wasn't lightning silly, the rockets were a message by Hamas - Analysis

Hamas is under growing pressure-again-in the Strip. The rockets fired in the past two weeks are meant to pass that message to Israel

Workers rake up the glorious olive harvest
Three Israelis indicted for assaulting Palestinian olive pickers

Two of the suspects violated a restraining order while carrying out the attack, according to the indictment.

Is there a new phase for Iran in Syria?

The IDF said on November 17 that it had uncovered improvised explosive devices near the Alpha line, which forms part of the ceasefire line corridor on the Golan Heights

IDF fighters thwart bombing in northern West Bank

A police bomb squad arrived at the scene and are working to neutralize the explosives.

Gaza's health system days from being overwhelmed by COVID-19

Seventy-nine of Gaza's 100 ventilators have been taken up by COVID-19 patients, said Elmanama, a microbiologist who is part of Gaza's pandemic task force.

A war jet flies above Syria near the Israeli Syrian border as it is seen from the Golan Heights
Iran vows to crush any Israeli attempt to hit its 'advisory' role in Syria

Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khateebzadeh told a virtual weekly news conference: "The Zionist regime is well aware that the era of hit and run is over and therefore they are very cautious."

Israel’s shortsighted UNESCO decision in focus amid US election - analysis

Israel had a difficult relationship with UNESCO in 2017 when the organization recognized the Old City of Hebron as a World Heritage Site.

Lebanon army chief: No compromise with Israel on sea border sovereignty

Israel's energy minister, overseeing the talks with Lebanon, said Lebanon had now changed its position seven times and was contradicting its own assertions.

Former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat addresses the Egyptian parliament before traveling to Israel,
When Egyptian President Anwar Sadat addressed the Knesset

A look back at the Egyptian President's speech to Israeli lawmakers 43 years ago.

Are Pompeo’s Israel announcements easy come, easy go? - analysis

The Trump administration gave Israel a relatively free hand when it came to the settlements

A new line of wines in the Psagot winery was named after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Pompeo and a settler vintner’s battle for ‘Made in Israel’ wine

The location of Yaakov Berg’s winery, in the Shaar Binyamin Industrial Park, a short distance from Jerusalem and Ramallah is not accidental.

Saudi Arabia is pressuring Pakistan to recognize Israel - report

Lucman's statement follows Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement that Islamabad has been placed "under pressure" by the United States, and other unnamed countries, to recognize Israel.

Two summits: Arab kings gather in UAE as Bahrain, Israel meet - analysis

In short, the Kingdom of Jordan and Israel showcase what peace can look like if it is not built upon strong civil society, economic factors and personal warmth.

Attack in Syria on August 25, 2019.
Three militants killed in Israeli attack in Damascus, Syria - report

Initial reports from Syria indicate three Syrian militants killed and one injured.

Palestinian security forces guard outside al-Istishari hospital in Ramallah
Palestinians restore ties with Israel

PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said that the Palestinians have received a written document in which Israel pledges to abide by all the agreements with the Palestinians.

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the 2019 Second Step
Palestinians say they look forward to working with Biden administration

“Trump and his senior advisers were hoping to get rid of the current Palestinian leadership.”

Protesters carry Al-Qaeda flags during an anti-government protest after Friday prayers
Al-Qaeda’s threat to Jews spurred operation to kill top leader - report

Masri was reportedly killed by Israeli operatives at the behest of the US in August while he was hiding in Iran.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh  in Ramallah. August 25, 2020
PLO: Pompeo can't resurrect Trump administration with settler winery visit

If Pompeo goes ahead with his plans, he would be the first US secretary of state and the highest US ranking official to visit a West Bank settlement or the Golan Heights.

A ROCKET IS fired toward Israel from the southern Gaza Strip in February.
IDF strikes Hamas targets in response to rocket fire

No group has claimed responsibility for rocket fire that triggered sirens in southern and central Israel

General Ariel Sharon and chief of southern command, Aluf Shmuel Gonen, visiting an IDF outpost in th
Fallen heroes of Sinai war remembered

After France and Britain had called for a ceasefire, Israel and Egypt continued with heavy fighting in which 231 Israeli soldiers, many of them reservists, lost their lives.

Shi'ite Houthi rebels, Ansar al-Sharia flag in Almnash, stronghold of Ansar al-Sharia, Al Qaeda
Israeli agents killed al-Qaeda’s No. 2 in Iran in August - NYT

Report reveals US-Israel cooperation against Tehran, terrorist group

What a Biden gov't might mean for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Many in region look forward to change in White House but most don’t expect wholesale reversal of Trump policies.

A Biden presidency resurrects ’67 lines, Palestinian state

SETTLEMENT AFFAIRS: Biden has long considered West Bank settlements to be a stumbling block to peace, consistent with his Republican and Democratic predecessors – save for US President Donald Trump.

A Biden presidency resurrects ’67 lines, Palestinian state - analysis

The divide between Israel and the US on settlements dates back to the immediate aftermath of the Six Day War and has not shifted.

PA Olympic C'mtee chair slams 'sports normalization' with Israel

The PA Olympic Committee chairman called for a an Arab sports boycott of Israel.

THE IRON Dome defense system.
IDF on heightened alert as PIJ marks one-year since Al-Ata assassination

The anniversary comes on the same week as the death anniversary of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat and the deaths this week of Saeb Erekat and a Palestinian security prisoner.

Erekat was the face of ’67, and died as idea was revived - analysis

To some Palestinians and as well as some in the international community and on the Israeli Left, he was a figure of unwavering commitment to peace.

Arab world sends Foreign Min. messages of support after peace deals

Some even wrote messages in Hebrew while others sent videos from their countries which included messages of peace.

Court rejects Netanyahu bid to delay Khan al-Ahmar response

The state had told the court that it wanted four months to try once again to come a resolution with the village residents to leave of their own volition.

Israel, UAE, Bahrain officials show how tourism can be bridge for peace

Speaking at the UK’s World Travel Market (WTM) event, Ministers from Israel, the UAE and Bahrain described how tourism can become a true bridge for peace.

Minors arrested for planning terror attacks in the West Bank for Hamas

The two were asked to carry out shooting and kidnapping attacks for the Gaza-based terror group.

Palestinians protest the 100th anniversary of Britain's Balfour Declaration
PA daily: Israel is Europe's 'revenge for Crusades,' Jews are 'pawns'

“The Palestinian people was the number one victim of the crime against humanity that Great Britain committed.”

Palestinian students walk past a Fatah poster at the Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron
Palestinian U. gate named after planner of Munich Olympics massacre

"We are proud of the distinguished leaders whose bodies are no more, but whose spirit remains among us.”

PMW: For PA, peace means a Judenfrei state, ethnically cleaned of Jews

The Palestinian narrative is negating historical fact and rejects any pragmatic approach that Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem are all part of the Jewish homeland.

Palestinian prisoners wait to be released from Ketziot prison, southern Israel, October 1, 2007
Hamas expresses outrage after 65 infected with COVID-19 at Gilboa Prison

The source warned that Hamas has sent "serious threats" to Israel that it would not remain silent if prisoners are exposed to risk.

Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh attends a meeting with members of international media in Gazaa
Egypt tells Hamas to keep ceasefire until after US elections - report

The report added that Egypt insinuated to Hamas that Israel may consider returning to targeted assassination.

Sbarro pizzeria after Palestinian terrorists detonated a bomb
Lawfare project looks to extradite convicted Palestinian terrorist to US

Although Tamimi was tried and sentenced to 16 life sentences for the terrorist attack, she was released to Jordan in the deal struck between Israel and Hamas to secure the return of Gilad Schalit.

Palestinian envoy to UNESCO: Pressure Israel to return 'stolen' artifact

In July, COGAT officials located the font near the city of Bethlehem, together with the Bethlehem District Coordination and Liaison Office and the cooperation of the Etzion Regional Brigade.

An Israeli military observation tower overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and part of the maritime borde
Israel-Lebanon maritime border talks to resume next month

Lebanon pushed for more territory in maritime border talks with Israel

Hezbollah threatens Sudan over ties with Israel

‘Quagmire of betrayal and normalization with the enemy.’

Lining Rehov Rupin and all over the park were flowers in great profusion.
What will Israel look like in 2068?

Visions of Israel 2068: A dream of peace

Shurat Hadin President Nitsana Darshan-Leitner with farmers from the Gaza border communities
Does the ICC war crimes investigation threaten Israel?

Shurat HaDin has been very active in attempting to counter the potential investigation by the ICC.

THE SETTLEMENT of Elazar, 18 km. south of Jerusalem, as it looked last week.
Palestinians slam US funding of science projects in 'illegal' settlements

Hamas also denounced the US decision and accused the US of “complicity in the aggression on the Palestinians.”

Israel's behind-the-scenes ambassador to UAE - revealed

Dan Shaham is the go-to person for innovation diplomacy in Abu Dhabi

Claudine and Mireille Aoun, daughters of Lebanon's President Aoun arrive for a state dinner
Lebanese president's daughter 'doesn't mind' conditional peace with Israel

"I defend the interests of my country Lebanon first. Are we required to remain in a state of war?" • Maronite leader: "Lebanon should be the last Arab country to normalize its relations with Israel."

Palestinian TV glorifies efforts of terrorists who murdered Israelis

The terrorists featured in a PA TV video are responsible for stabbings, murders, attacking IDF soldiers and attempted bombings.

Mladenov: PA at risk of economic collapse unless ties with Israel renewed

UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov urged Israel to lift some of its restrictions on the movement of goods and people between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Prison cell block
Hamas frees Palestinian activists arrested after Zoom call with Israelis

Hamas arrested Rami Aman, 39, and seven other activists in April after the conference call, describing it as "treason."

Head of Sudan's ruling council defends deal for ties with Israel

The move is controversial in Sudan, once a staunch enemy of Israel, and has stirred opposition from some prominent political factions.

Saudi politician: Palestinians need to 'think outside the box' on peace

"What is the point of insisting that there is only one way - the path of boycott and keeping away? There may be ways that are not traditional and have not been tried yet," Al-Othaimeen said.

Explosive balloons reported in southern Israel

The reports came amid heightened tensions between terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Border Police officers at outpost near Yitzhar, August 12, 2020
In lieu of annexation, settlers pressure PM to legalize outposts

According to the Left-wing activist group Peace Now, some 42 West Bank outposts have been built in the last eight years, 28 of which were built during US President Donald Trump’s administration.

Qatar might get F-35s despite Israel's objections, Israeli minister says

US officials have been open to selling the F-35 to the United Arab Emirates after it and Bahrain normalized relations with Israel on Sept. 15. But they have been tight-lipped on Qatar's bid.

PIJ calls-up forces as Palestinian's hunger strike passes 90 days - report

The statement was deleted from the Al-Quds Brigades' website, but later replaced with a citation of a television report.

Felice Friedson speaks with US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman at the ambassador’s residence.
US amb. to Israel: Change of administration can damage Abraham Accords

Friedman willing to meet Palestinians now despite ‘insulting ingratitude’

EU opposes Palestinian uprooting, MKs work to legalize settler outposts

Both groups feared the pending demolition of homes, as part of the larger battles between Israelis and Palestinians for control of Area C.

Palestinians attend a protest against the reduction of the food basket provided by the United Nation
Palestinians condemn ‘shameful’ Israel-Sudan accord

Sudan will be the third Arab nation to normalize ties with Israel.

EU funding to NGOs: €30m. to antisemitism, terror-tied groups - report

In 2019, the EU allocated total of €30.1 million split into 32 grants for projects listed under “Palestine,” and an additional 9 grants totalling €3.3 million for projects listed under “Israel."

EU parliamentarians: Hate has no place in the Palestinian curriculum

EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS: Children are taught that Israel is the enemy, that terrorists are martyrs, and that their actions are to be emulated.

Hamas cyberwarfare (illustrative)
Hamas has secret cyber headquarters in Turkey - report

The headquarters deal primarily with funding and coordination and was set up two years ago in Turkey's most populous city, Istanbul.

Sudan-Israel normalization announcement likely this weekend

The normalization would be unlikely to happen all at once, unlike in the recent cases of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, because of the unique circumstances in Sudan.

Palestinians: ‘Big disaster’ if we lose Sudan

They claimed that Khartoum has been facing heavy pressure and “blackmail” from the US administration in return for removing Sudan the list of state sponsors of terror.

Fatah posts song calling for Jerusalem to 'be freed of Jews'

The Palestinian Authority has been harshly critical of the Abraham Accords, and has accused the Gulf states of "betraying" the Palestinian cause.

Bahrain and Israel sign direct flights agreement

The flight agreement would also allow an unlimited number of flights between Bahrain and Eilat and up to five cargo flights per week.

Gulf media speculates on Israel-Sudan relations, secret Lebanese talks

The agreement would be the third after the UAE announced normalization in August and Bahrain in September.

Eli Cohen
Another possible normalization deal with Arab, Muslim country - Eli Cohen

Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen told Israel's Channel 13 News that he believed Israel was "very close to normalizing ties with Sudan".

Normalization seen as part of deal to remove Sudan from US terror list

“Sudan has earned this delisting,” says Jonathan Schanzer, senior vice president at the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Terror tunnel found along Gaza border belonged to Hamas - IDF

"These are 24 hours of operations in all sectors - there are challenges besides the coronavirus."

Israel had a secret embassy in Bahrain for 11 years - report

This secret diplomatic office's existence was classified and has only recently come to light.

Ramallah lynching victim's brother: Israel's gov'ts have let us down

"[Former prime minister] Ehud Barak promised us personally that we will be well looked after, but all we received was a slap in the face."

No Justice, No Peace: Yitzhak Rabin’s legacy under fire after AOC pullout

A congresswoman's cancellation engenders questions about the fallen Israeli leader's reputation as a peacemaker • Avraham Burg: "We always fight about whose past is more right”

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Lebanon's President Michel Aoun
Pompeo discusses Israel-Lebanon common maritime boundary with Aoun

“I also underscored the importance for Lebanon's political leaders to implement reforms as called for by the Lebanese people,” Pompeo tweeted.

German Jewish president wants assertive policy against Iran's regime

“I cannot understand the German voting behavior at the UN in any way. It would be good if an optician could readjust German foreign policy in dealing with Iran.”

Israel, United Arab Emirates agree to sign commercial aviation deal

According to the agreement, which will be officially signed on Tuesday at Ben Gurion Airport, there will be 28 weekly passenger flights between Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Tel Aviv.

Abbas’s Fatah warns Jerusalem Arabs against UAE funding

The PA leadership has in recent weeks urged Palestinians to refrain from insulting symbols and persons of the Gulf states.

Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour at the United Nations in New York, U.S.,
Palestinians warn of apartheid, one state with new settler housing plans

“Israel’s calls for 'peace' should not be trusted.”

EUROPEAN HIGH Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell attends a news conferenc
Five European nations condemn Israeli approval of 5,288 new settler homes

They called for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which demands that Israel return to the pre-1967 lines.

Hamas' TV: Islam allows for murder of Jews as they are criminals

Viewiers tuning in to the TV show "Self-Sacrificing Fighter" (Fida’i) watched Jewish characters say they hate all Arabs, and Arab characters justify the murder of Jews.

Nearly 80% of Saudis in favor of normalization with Israel – poll

Despite the importance placed on resolving the conflict, a majority of Arab respondents thought that some Arab states were still likely to establish ties with Israel without the conflict ending.

A general view picture shows the Israeli settlement of Efrat (L) in the Gush Etzion settlement block
Israel pushes forward with plans for 2,166 settler homes in West Bank

Until Wednesday, settlers had feared that settlement plans would also be frozen, but the advancement of plans assuaged some of those fears.

Sudan to normalize ties with Israel after US ultimatum - report

The decision was reportedly made after a heated discussion on Wednesday.

The Palestinian High Court in Ramallah
PA: Palestinians can sue settlers in Palestinian courts

No Israeli citizen has ever been sued in a PA court.

Lebanese team refuses to talk to Israelis in maritime border negotiations

The Lebanese side's statements about the meeting emphasized that they are "indirect" and "technical."

PA instructs its officials not to attack Arab leaders, countries

The PA has repeatedly accused the UAE and Bahrain of backstabbing the Palestinians and betraying the Palestinian issue by signing the peace accords with Israel.

Erdan attacks UNRWA over incitement against Israel and 'refugee' misdefinition

The ambassador stressed that terrorist organizations such as Hamas use the agency's facilities for terrorist purposes and urged the agency to take action.

Hezbollah, Amal criticize Lebanon team for border talks with Israel

Formally still at war after decades of conflict, Lebanon and Israel agreed to launch talks via US mediation over a maritime border running through potentially gas-rich Mediterranean waters.

Israel, Lebanon maritime border talks to begin Wednesday

A senior Energy Ministry source explained that the negotiations are “not a similar process to what happened with the United Arab Emirates,” with which Israel signed a peace treaty last month.

A view of the West Bank
Settlers attack N12 team in clashes with Palestinians in West Bank

"Stones thrown were thrown at us without end, the size of which can kill."

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