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Health and Science are two of the most developed sectors in Israel and the country is a powerhouse of medical innovation with many game-changing medical advances being made on a regular basis. 'Health and Science' provides you with the latest updates on Israel's health trends, health tips, news and well as the cutting edge scientific discoveries and advancements.

Mental Health: Don’t lose your confidence, Come out of the cave

More and more Israelis are seeking mental health care for anxiety, depression, loneliness, marital issues and family problems.


Welcome to the gym that wants to help people overcome PTSD

Dror Zicherman began engaging in athletic activity six years ago after being involved in a terror attack in 2005 and Operation Protective Edge.


Cetacean communication: Researchers look to translate sperm whale language

Known as the Cetacean Translation Initiative (CETI), the program is a massive collaborative effort between research institutions all over the world.


Israel-UAE sign health cooperation deal, work on vaccine recognition

The deal is expected to encourage the exchange of experts and the development of joint projects between the two nations, as well as direct collaborations between medical institutions.

The departure hall at the almost empty Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv on January 25,

Coronavirus: Israel may issue travel measures against Indian variant

Prof. Nachman Ash also said that Israel no longer wants AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine and is exploring with the company whether a big shipment in the pipeline could be sent elsewhere.


Fireflies light up the night sky in Israel - scientific survey

As fireflies have been disappearing, it was important for scientists to conduct the survey and gain a better picture of their status in Israel, to better protect the species.

Medical cannabis

THC tests are unreliable indicators for impaired driving - US Justice Dept

Last month, Israel Police finally selected a test to administer to drivers to measure THC levels after a years-long tender – but the study essentially nullifies its main purpose.

Coronavirus: Israeli-made Sonovia textile can eliminate British variant

This is so far the only textile effective at eliminating a COVID-19 variant.

New study says autism develops differently depending on gender

The research utilized newly developed brain imaging techniques along with genetic research in order to determine autism's effects in girls.

Coronavirus vaccines: Edelstein slams those who tried delaying purchase

After signing the agreement to purchase millions of additional coronavirus vaccines, the Prime Minister and Health Minister expressed their concern over those who tried to delay the purchase.

Solar panels at one of the projects of Enlight Renewable Energy

Solar panel breakthrough discovery could help increase energy production

The discovery allows for a better understanding of semiconductors and the most efficient way to build photoelectrochemical cells, so that solar energy and storage can be better produced.

COVID: British variant 45% more infectious than original virus – study

New research by Tel Aviv University offered further proof that the coronavirus vaccines prevented hundreds of deaths.

Can people get reinfected with COVID? New Oxford study seeks answers

The study launched on Monday differs from the one announced in February as it seeks to reinfect people who have previously had COVID-19.


First case of COVID-19 in otters reported at Georgia Aquarium

The infected otters showed "mild respiratory symptoms including sneezing, runny noses, mild lethargy and coughing."

Red Sea coral reefs at risk of bleaching if temperature drops - study

Research showed just how close their lower threshold Israel's southern coral reefs live.

Israel signs agreement with Pfizer, Moderna for millions more COVID-19 vaccines

Earlier this month, Pfizer halted shipments of coronavirus vaccines to Israel in outrage over its failure to transfer payment for the last 2.5 million doses the company supplied to the country.

Coronavirus: Number of serious patients drops below 200

At the peak of the pandemic some 1,200 people were in serious condition.

New vaccine side effect? In Israel, six people develop herpes zoster

HZ is characterized by a small, red rash that develops on the skin and itches. If complications develop, it can cause nerve damage and pain, including a prolonged burning session on the skin.

Israeli rock singer Shalom Hanoch Perform in front  people vaccinated against COVID-19  holding a Gr

Visitors jabbed with Pfizer, Moderna to get green pass - Health Ministry

The authorities are studying a solution for tourists who were inoculated with vaccines not used in Israel, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry told the Post.

Bad to the bone: Junk food damages childhood bone development, study finds

Junk food is especially popular among children, and it is estimated that 70% of their entire caloric intake comes from them.

Earth Day mass cleanup will clear waste from Israel's nature destinations

The idea is to change Israelis' mindsets, encourage them to take responsibility, and become active members in the protection of Israel's natural resources, forests, and nature.


Hadassah-University Medical Center closes its last COVID ward

As serious cases of COVID in Israel continue to decline in number, Hadassah-University Medical Center close their last remaining COVID ward.

65% drop in severe asthma, Israeli hospital says it’s the masks

Prof. Nancy Agmon-Levin, who conducted the study, told The Jerusalem Post that she believes “masks blocked infectious agents and definitely pollen.”

Prof. Katzir using the technology on a patient.

Sackler lab produces automatic, non-invasive melanoma test

The test relies on a collection of special optical fibers that are transparent in infrared light. One end of the fibers is connected to a device that evaluates the 'colors' in the infrared.

AstraZeneca could have COVID vaccine against variant by end-2021 - report

British and European Union medicine regulators have said that the overall benefits of using the vaccine outweigh any risks of rare clotting.


Meet the new olim fighting on the coronavirus frontline

They came to Israel from all over the world and were crucial in the fight against the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Oregon mulls permanent face mask, social distancing rules

Oregon is considered to have some of the strictest COVID-19 regulations in the US.

COVID-19 can survive in dust for up to a month - study

They found that almost all of the dust samples (97%) contained undecayed SARS-CoV-2, the disease that causes COVID-19, up to four weeks after collection using PCR tests.

A woman tries a new Apple Watch

Can your Apple Watch tell you if you have COVID-19?

Apple is teaming up with UW and Seattle Flu Study to find out if smart watches can detect early signs of respiratory illness.

Food by Valero, Jerusalem

Israeli researchers make breakthrough discovery to combat obesity

The researchers claim to have identified the "mechanism of action of the master switch for hunger in the brain."

A medical detection dog – a sort of sniffer dog for illnesses – at its training centre in England

Dogs can sniff out positive coronavirus samples with 96% accuracy - study

The use of sniffer dogs to detect COVID is not new, but this method is particularly unique. Soon enough, we may be seeing sniffer dogs at every airport to allow for travel amid the pandemic.


Brazil asks women to delay pregnancy over new coronavirus variant fears

"The clinical experience of specialists shows that this new variant acts more aggressively in pregnant women," Parente said.

Conner the monkey

Part-human part-monkey embryo provides insight into human aging process

By inserting human cells into macaque embryos, scientists hope to gain new information on the human aging process, solve organ donor shortages, and cure incurable diseases.

Monkey plays virtual games using mind with Elon Musk comp. chip in brain

This experiment could on the long term help people with paralysis, enabling them to directly use their neural activity to operate computers and mobile devices with speed and ease.

7 cases of COVID-19 Indian variant discovered in Israel - Health Min.

The Indian variant is considered relatively aggressive and is believed to be the main cause to a recent spike in morbidity rates in India.

A healthcare worker shows a vial and a box of the AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine

Higher risk of brain clots from COVID-19 than from vaccines - UK study

British and European regulators have stressed that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.


Coronavirus: To vaccinate or not vaccinate children?

HEALTH AFFAIRS: When it comes to COVID-19, parents and physicians have questions

A healthcare worker shows a vial and a box of the AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine

Italy reported four clot deaths after AstraZeneca shots, data shows

AIFA said there had been 11 cases in Italy of people developing one of two types of blood clots following their AstraZeneca shot - CVST and thrombosis involving multiple blood vessels.


Pfizer CEO: Third COVID-19 vaccine, annual booster shots likely scenario

"A likely scenario is that there will likely be a need for a third dose somewhere between six and 12 months [after the initial vaccination] and from there, there will be an annual revaccination."


COVID-19: Mask wearing outside to no longer be required as of Sunday

Most experts agree that the risk of contracting the coronavirus outdoor is very limited.

Coronavirus: Israel is nearing herd immunity, expert tells 'Post'

As of Wednesday, Israel had not had more than 300 new daily cases for over a week.

Meir Medical Center: innovation for the nation

Dr. Yaron Mushkat, general manager of the Meir Medical Center, which is part of the Clalit Health Services, speaks with The Jerusalem Post

Depressed person broods in tunnel

COVID-19 pandemic caused ‘mental crisis’ among Israeli youth

The highest rates of anxiety were found in the secular sector (21%). The lowest rates were among the ultra-Orthodox (7%).

3-month-old puppy diagnosed with COVID-19 after death, had no symptoms

The dog was the first in Connecticut to have been diagnosed with the virus.


What can you do to protect yourself from the negative impact of isolation?

Studies show that people who have social support live longer, healthier lives. It is a surer predictor of longevity and health than diet, exercise or even smoking.

A health worker draws a dose of the AstraZeneca's coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine, at the vac

Coronavirus: So you’re what?

We’re getting closer and closer to reaching herd immunity – but shouldn’t jump the gun.


Solutions for your embarrassing cosmetic problems

A new crop of brands is making tackling oft-times embarrassing nuisances more approachable. Here’s a look at the standouts.


How to lose the weight gained during coronavirus

How to do it for real? Start changing the way you think and eating less

DNA tests helping to open up world and reunite families

One of the reasons DNA testing has become more prevalent in recent years is that the cost has come down considerably.


Magic mushroom compound at least as good as antidepressant in UK study

Depression is one of the leading causes of ill health worldwide, and existing treatments are often ineffective or have adverse side effects that lead patients to stop taking them.

A member of a flight crew wears a face mask as a preventive measure

COVID: Leaving seat open during flight reduces transmission by up to 57%

A laboratory model showed that leaving the middle seat in each airplane aisle vacant reduced COVID transmission by 23% to 57%.

Coronavirus: Brazil variant mutating, becoming more dangerous - study

The changes could make the virus more resistant to vaccines.

A vial and sryinge are seen in front of a displayed Johnson&Johnson logo in this illustration taken

COVID-19: US CDC to weigh rare clot risk with J&J vaccine as use paused

J&J's single-dose shot is less widely used in the United States compared to the 185 million doses delivered of Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech's two-shot vaccines.


Can a cup of yogurt 'cure' your case of COVID-19?

Pre-clinical research by Israeli scientists, published in Microbiome, indicates that Kefir could be used to treat cytokine storms caused by coronavirus.

Vials with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine labels are seen in thi

Israel Pediatric Society supports vaccination of ages 12-15 against COVID

The position paper does not indicate that vaccination of adolescents will be mandated, the head of the pediatric society, Dr. Zachi Grossman, told the 'Post'

US calls for pause to J&J COVID-19 vaccine over rare blood clots

The CDC and FDA said the adverse events appeared to be extremely rare.


Fauci: Israeli COVID-19 study misleading on vaccine effectiveness

Fauci explained that the while the S. African variant can break through the vaccines, they are still effective at preventing serious illness and death.

Sheba signs ‘breakthrough’ deal to give diabetic care in UAE

The service will be provided by Sheba’s Institute of Endocrinology unit, headed by Dr.Amir Tirosh, using the Datos Health remote patient management application.

Tungsten light bulbs (illustrative)

Technion researchers develop new way to image evanescent waves of light

"We then found out that we are not just measuring the evanescent waves, but we can choose what information to take out of them."

NASA finds Uranus is producing X-rays, could help black hole research

Researchers purport that the X-rays are emitted from the Sun, and bounce off of Uranus into the ether of the universe, in the same manner they do for Saturn and Jupiter.

Human brain

Tel Aviv University reveals brain cancer cure breakthrough

The researchers managed to do this by detecting a failure in the immune system of the brain which can be used against the deadly cancer.

Increased sunlight exposure linked to reduced coronavirus death risk

More exposure to sunlight seemingly lower the mortality risk of COVID-19, as there is a proven correlation between prolonged sunlight exposure in certain areas and a lower number of COVID deaths.

Space launch (illustrative)

United Arab Emirates picks first Arab woman astronaut

Noura al-Matrooshi will train with NASA for future missions, while the space agency's Artemis program aims to put a woman and a person of color on the Moon.

Vials with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine labels are seen in thi

Real-world Israeli study shows SA variant can break through Pfizer vaccine

Researchers say highlights need to properly monitor for mutations entering Israel through the airport

Could face masks prevent more than just COVID-19?

As Israel’s allergy season hits, researchers show mask-wearing could offer some relief from allergy symptoms.

Mayanei Hayeshua Medical team treat a patient with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the coronavirus

COVID-19 may increase chances of mental health and neurological conditions

People who were diagnosed with COVID-19 had a 34% increased chance to be diagnosed with a neurological or mental health disorder within six months after contracting the virus.

Early humans in Europe found to have close lineage with Neanderthals

Early humans were known to mix with their common relatives, stemming from different areas and periods, and that the research proves the notion to also to be true in parts of Europe.

Sonovia developed an almost-permanent, ultrasonic, fabric-finishing technology

Israeli company achieves breakthrough in non-toxic waterproof fabrics

The experiment results indicated that Sonovia's ultrasound tech brought the fabrics to level 100 water resistance, the highest possible level, for each fabric sample tested.

Booth displaying coronavirus vaccine candidate from CNBG, a unit of Sinopharm, in Beijing

Protein-based COVID-19 vaccine candidate gets China clinical trial nod

More than ten vaccine candidates led by Chinese scientists have entered different stages of clinical trials.


Coronavirus in Israel: Which countries are the riskiest to travel to?

While infection risks for vaccinated people have shown to decrease substantially after vaccination, certain variants have already been found to have mutated enough to decrease the vaccine's efficency

Israel’s coronavirus rules changed again - here are the details

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein: "We must make every effort to open the maximum possible with the least risk for students."

Coronavirus: Serious patients drop below 300 for the 1st time in 4 months

At the peak of the pandemic around mid-January, the number of serious patients stood for several days at 1,200.

India or Israel? Meet the other 'vaccination nation'

Nicknamed the “pharmacy of the world” even before the pandemic, the country produced 60% of vaccines globally.

Groundbreaking Israeli treatment may offer cure for blood cancer

“We are reprogramming another type of the immune system’s cells called T-cells, in order to teach them to fight the cancer inside the blood of the patient.”

Coronavirus: Israel might soon ditch outdoor mask requirement

Authorities have reportedly decided to wait until after Independence Day, which falls on April 15, to help avoid potential outbreaks due to the holiday celebrations.

A healthcare worker shows a vial and a box of the AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine

EU drug regulator finds link between AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots

Experts say that, even if a causal link between the vaccine and blood clots is proved, the risks to the general population of getting a serious clot are small compared to the risks of COVID-19.


Israel's inhumane live animal shipments pose danger to public health

Israel's bill to end the import of live animals for meat has stalled in light of elections, but the method is illegal, dangerous and costly.


Cancer discovery could help revitalize non-toxic treatment

Research successfully laid out why immunotherapy treatments that target ovarian, colon and triple-negative breast cancer succeeded in lab tests but failed in human trials.

England's NHS working on program similar to Israel's 'green passport'

The certification would also display recent negative COVID-19 tests, or whether the person tested positive within the past six months - which would most likely provide a natural immunity.

Rapid testing at Ben-Gurion Airport before fight, March 8, 2021.

Rapid serological tests may be key to reopen Israel to tourists

However, according to sources within the government, the Health Ministry has been very hesitant to trust vaccination or recovery certificates from other nations

COVID-19 ‘R’ rise might be due to technicality, health official says

“As long as the R rate remains below 1, and even more so below 0.8, I do not think there is a reason to worry, and we can continue to open up our economy,” Public Health Services head said.

Top Hadassah doc offers 7 COVID-19 lessons in honor of World Health Day

2020 was a year of learning new processes, studying new treatments and training new staff to serve in a time of crisis.

COVID-19 vaccine seems to reduce viral load, transmission – Israeli study

The level of viral load is one of the key elements affecting the ability of a virus carrier to pass on the disease.

COVID-19 vaccine protects against infected family members – Israeli study

Several studies have indicated that the Pfizer vaccine, which is the one currently used in Israel, is around 95% effective in preventive infection.

Fireflies use invisible 'musical armor' against bats, study suggests

Because the sounds are ultrasonic, they cannot be detected by either humans or fireflies themselves.

Could cannabis help cure Israel’s corona economic crisis?

Panaxia Israel Laboratories expands into EU marketplace despite challenges posed by year of COVID-19.

Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center

A 92-year-old Holocaust survivor served as oldest organ donor in Israel

Two of his kidneys were placed in two different 74-year-olds and his liver was placed in a 75-year-old woman.

Researchers identify genes responsible for healthy aging process

In their research a number of genes that are different between pathological aging and healthy aging. Their findings were published in the scientific journal Aging.

Coronavirus: US puts J&J in charge, removes AstraZeneca from faulty plant

The government’s move to have the facility make only the J&J single-dose vaccine is meant to avoid future mix-ups.


Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs helped shape rain forests - study

“A global catastrophe involving a mass extinction produces a different world.”

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