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Health and Science are two of the most developed sectors in Israel and the country is a powerhouse of medical innovation with many game-changing medical advances being made on a regular basis. 'Health and Science' provides you with the latest updates on Israel's health trends, health tips, news and well as the cutting edge scientific discoveries and advancements.

Jupiter, the solar system's largest planet, is seen alongside its moons (illustrative).

NASA's Hubble finds evidence of water vapor on Jupiter's moon, Ganymede

Ganymede is thought to have more water than all of Earth's oceans, but it is trapped deep underneath its frozen crust.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Viruses display unexpected genetic evolution

Viruses swap out one of their four base genetic letters for a new fifth, Z, which is an expression of an unexpected genetic evolution.

DEMONSTRATION for health budget raise at Habima Square, Tel Aviv

Israel’s health system needs an infusion: protesters demand budget raise

“The healthcare system is suffocating regardless of the coronavirus, and is only functioning thanks to the dedication of the workers, nurses, doctors and residents. We’ll give oxygen to the system."

Should Israeli children be vaccinated against COVID in their schools?

Offering vaccination in schools is something the country has done for decades and it has played a key role in maintaining high vaccination rates

Is COVID-19 a symptom of climate change?

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS: Some indirect connections can be made between climate change and COVID-19, say Israeli researchers.

Leading MIT scientist hails ‘immunomics’ in Israel’s Immunai

Immunai is working on developing a new generation of medicine using a combination of artificial intelligence and big data, with the goal of mapping the entire human immune system.

Vaccine (illustrative)

COVID: Some jabbed people have 7 times less antibodies than others – study

New research by Sheba offers proof that vaccinated individuals with lower level of antibodies are more exposed to breakthrough infections, might be key to understand who should get the third shot.

Knesset Constitution Committee postpones expanding banned countries’ list

Great Britain, Cyprus, Turkey and Georgia are supposed to become red countries on Friday, but the committee did not approve the coronavirus cabinet decision.

Israeli rock singer Shalom Hanoch Perform in front  people vaccinated against COVID-19  holding a Gr

Green Pass in effect: Israelis require jab certificate for indoor events

The plan states that any citizen above the age of 12 - and eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine - requires a certificate in order to enter events hosting 100 people or more in an indoor space.

 Dr. Simona Bar-Haim and Dr. Lior Shmuelof in the Negev Lab at ADI Negev

BGU’s Negev Lab is bringing stroke rehab into the future

Stroke is tricky. While its effects are well known, the best course of rehabilitation to return to functionality is still very much a mystery. This rehab lab turns translational science for answers.


Israel's two-week window to halt the 4th COVID-19 wave - analysis

The number of new daily cases has surpassed 2,000 for two days in a row and hospital heads say they are starting to feel the results.

Israelis to get pumped about COVID-19 tests at Sonol gas stations

A new partnership between AID Genomics and Sonol gas stations will enable citizens to drive into the gas station and for NIS 99 get a COVID-19 PCR test. Results to be delivered within 24 hours.

Sheba Medical Center campus

Israel, UAE to swap kidneys in historic life-saving operation

The kidney from Israel will be brought to Abu Dhabi via a private plane, which will promptly fly back to Israel with another kidney in tow for a separate patient.

A doctor tests a child for malaria at the Ithani-Asheri Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania

BioNTech aims to develop mRNA-based malaria vaccine

A German company, Biontech, is currently developing a vaccine for malaria based on COVID-19 vaccine technology.


Which Israeli hospitals give the best quality care?

Despite the “year of the coronavirus,” compliance with quality indices remained stable across the healthcare system.

Siri [Illustrative]

Israeli start-up's new technology won't leave disabled people speechless

A new app called Voiceitt, started by Technion alumni, enables voice programs such as Siri to recognize uncommon speech problems in those with severe speech impediments.

‘Palestinians headed towards fourth wave of COVID-19’ - PA health minister

PA Health Minister Mai Alkaila called on Palestinians to get vaccinated and adhere to all preventive measures, such as wearing masks and social distancing.

AMSA_IL Med Team - Philippine Ambassador Macairog S. Alberto (fourth from left) sends off the Israel

Israel health team assists Philippines in COVID-19 response

This is the second group of experts from Israel to travel to the area to assist in the management of the pandemic. A previous delegation spent time in the country in June.

Israel to allow some 5- to 11-year-olds to get COVID-19 vaccine

So far, 41% of people under the age of 20 have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Baby born in Ashdod with a dead fetus in her stomach

The phenomenon happens to 1 in 500,000 cases * The fetus has been removed.


Israel risks 200-400 serious COVID-19 patients within 2 weeks - Hebrew U

Vaccine efficacy is significantly lower than in March, down to about 80% against serious symptoms and 90% against mortality, compared to over 97% effective against both in prior months.

An illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depicts the 2019 N

US CDC recommends unvaccinated tourists avoid Israel amid COVID spike

The positivity rate has continued to rise and now stands at 2.17%, the highest positivity rate since March.

A health worker draws a dose of the AstraZeneca's coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine, at the vac

Allergic reactions may be limited to first shot - study

Those who experienced allergic reactions during the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine may be able to tolerate the second dose, according to a new study.

Sperm (illustrative)

Couples desiring to conceive should vaccinate against COVID - here’s why

In contrast, several studies have found a significantly negative impact of the virus on sperm parameters.


Israel’s Super-Pharm launching home COVID testing in coming days

Health Ministry D-G: Rapid testing system to be fully operative by August 8

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