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New method developed to improve visual perception of people with autism

‘Memory flashes’ help patients generalize learning to other situations and may also help in rehabilitation after neurological injuries.

Illustrative photo of two elderly people staring at a beach.

Israeli researchers find new molecule that constantly renews cell vitality - study

The promising new molecule, found in diseased tissues by Hebrew University researchers, may eventually prevent age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Why does silencing your phone lead to more anxiety, not less? - study

People are glued to their phones and are constantly receiving notifications. So, some put their phones on silent. Does it really help calm down and lessen anxiety? New research says no.

By Walla!

Tips for parents: Parenting with new 2nd child in 2022

It appeared that the general house rules children adopted even before child No. 2 arrived stood them in good stead for this major disruption in their lives.

Sad teen (illustrative)

How can we cope with collective trauma?

It’s no secret that our lives are challenging. Experts claim that we’re all traumatized, but there’s something we can do.

By Walla!

Trauma and stress, not chemical imbalance, likely cause of depression - study

Surveys have found that 80% or more of the general public believe depression is caused by a "chemical imbalance."


Israeli app Circles launches new free mental health support group service

Israeli app circles is launching new anonymous peer-to-peer mental health support in the form of voice-only online support rooms.


Masking emotions? People can communicate despite face masks - study

This research suggests that the impact of masks on emotion recognition may not be as pronounced as previously thought, as long as the whole body is also visible.

Red blood cells (illustrative)

Think you have schizophrenia? A simple blood test can answer

A breakthrough in the field of brain research by Jerusalem researchers and doctors could change the way we study and predict psychiatric diseases.

Dementia: Finding happiness beyond the point of no return

Barbara Diamond gets personal in her blog, Thedementiadiary.com

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