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The mane event: Key evidence the Roman Empire used lions for executions

A bronze key handle from the Roman period was discovered in Britain depicting a 'barbarian' man fighting a lion.

Lapid to meet with American, Bahraini, Italian counterparts in Rome

Lapid is set to visit the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday and Wednesday, in the first state visit by an Israeli minister to the Gulf State.

Caves in Rome contain remains of Neanderthals less than 70,000-years-old

Eight of the remains are dated to between 50,000 and 68,000 years ago, while one, the oldest, is dated to between 90,000 and 100,000 years ago, the ministry said in a statement.


Rome's Colosseum to get new hi-tech floor

An Italian engineering firm, Milan Ingegneria, won the 18.5 million euro ($22.2 million) contract to design the new flooring and has committed to complete the project by 2023.

A 1st century AD Terracotta Roman lamp from Turkey, depicting two women engaged in oral sex, general

First ever ancient Roman complex discovered in Britain, broken into

At some point overnight between April 14 and 15, the newly discovered site was broken into, the Gazette & Herald reported on Friday morning.

Pope, in Easter message, slams weapons spending in time of pandemic

This year has been the second consecutive Easter that all papal services are being attended by only about 200 people in a secondary altar of St. Peter's Basilica.


Food delivery man in Rome goes on antisemitic rant, stabs man, flees

The alleged attacker ranted about Jews while waiting for the food. The alleged victim protested the antisemitic rhetoric before he was stabbed in the face.

The bronze sculpture of Boadicea and Her Daughters in London, created by Thomas Thornycroft.

War coin trove linked to ancient rebellion led by Queen Boudicca found in UK

The coins date to about 40-50 CE, matching up well with the timeline of the queen's revolt in eastern England in either 60 or 61 AD against the occupying Romans.

Israeli medical delegation to fly to Italy, help contain COVID-19 spread

"Israel and Italy are allies that hold a deep connection and collaborate on many issues, so it's only natural that Israel will seek to help Italy in a time of need."

Buried under Serbian cornfield, Roman military HQ sheds its secrets

Covering an estimated 3,500 square meters, the headquarters - or principium - belonged to the VII Claudia Legion.

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