Bombing at police station in Pakistan kills 3

Bombing at police statio

A pickup truck laden with explosives blew up in front of a police station in northwestern Pakistan on Monday, killing at least three people in an area that has become the focal point for terrorists' retaliation against a recent army offensive. Suspected insurgents have killed more than 300 civilians and security personnel in the last month in an attempt to weaken the country's resolve to continue the military operation in the tribal area of South Waziristan, where al-Qaida and Taliban leaders are believed to be hiding. Police opened fire on the pickup truck as it approached a checkpoint in front of a police station in Badh Ber, but the driver was able to detonate his explosives, said Liaqat Ali Khan, the senior police chief in the main northwestern city of Peshawar. The attack, which partly damaged the station and destroyed a small mosque and a house nearby, killed three people and injured 20 others, said Khan. Police and rescue workers were searching through the debris for the dead and injured, he said.