Gov't appoints Nitzan as deputy A-G for special projects

The government on Sunday approved the appointment of Shai Nitzan as deputy attorney-general for special projects after Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman assured Likud ministers that Nitzan would not be dealing with settlement-related issues.
Nitzan is considered a red-flag by many settlement leaders because in previous positions he has approved numerous administrative detention orders against settlers, and because he was a key figure in deciding to investigate Rabbis Dov Lior and Yaakov Yosef over the book Torat Hamelech.  That book says it is permissible in some situations according to Jewish law to kill non- Jews. In the end neither Yosef nor Lior were indicted.
Neeman said that Dina Silber, whose appointment as deputy attorney-general was also approved by the cabinet Sunday, will deal with issues previously dealt with by Mike Blass, including issues dealing with the settlements.
Science and Technology Minister Daniel Herschkowitz said before the appointments were approved that there was a deep "crisis of faith" between the settlements and the attorney-general's office, charging that the attorney-general's office was trying to set settlement policy rather than give legal assistance to the government.