Esther's Aharonovich's husband on her murder: I don’t remember anything

The suspect, her 65-year-old husband, was apprehended by police after his car flipped over several hours after his wife’s body was discovered. He allegedly shot and killed her due to an ongoing divorce battle. Police said that a gun was found in his car.
The alleged murder follows a spate of domestic killings in recent months in Israeli society. In October alone, 32-year-old Michal Sela was stabbed in her Motza home outside of Jerusalem allegedly by her husband, who is under suspicion of the killing, and Maxim Tal, a 30-year-old from Kiryat Bialik, was accused of stabbing his wife, Maria, to death in Haifa.
His remand was extended by the courts on Sunday.
Alex Winston contributed to this report.