'Mistaken identity' led to friendly fire death of IDF soldier Tal Nachman

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz was presented with the findings of the investigation into the death of IDF soldier Tal Nachman, who was killed by friendly fire on the Gaza border in February.
Nachman, a 21-year-old Combat Intelligence Collection unit officer was killed when a Givati infantry soldier fired on an IDF armored personnel carrier during a routine security operation on the northern Gaza border.
The investigation found that a case of mistaken identity was behind the shooting which killed Nachman. Investigators emphasized that the incident stemmed from failures in training, planning and operations.
The soldier who opened fire on Nachman was removed from his position and the sergeant of his infantry unit was removed from his role and from future consideration for other command positions.
Gantz referred to the incident as a "tragic operational incident in which we lost a wonderful person."