Norway to hold first funeral after killings

OSLO - Norway will hold the first funeral on Friday for a victim of Anders Behring Breivik's massacre of 76 people a week ago amid signs of a leap in popularity for the ruling Labor Party that was his main target.
Flags around the nation flew at half mast to mark the day a week ago when Breivik set off a bomb in central Oslo that killed 8 people followed by the shooting of 68 people, mostly youth members of the Labor Party at an island summer camp.
Bano Rashid, 18, will be buried at Nesodden church near Oslo as the nation pauses for memorial services after the worst attacks on the nation since World War Two.
"We have to stand united and carry their dreams forward," Nesodden mayor Christian Holm said of Rashid and another Nesodden youth, Diderik Aamodt Olsen, who died in the attacks.