PM asks Vilna'i to head delegation to New Zealand

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that he spoke again to the president of New Zealand on Monday and told him that he asked Minister of Homeland Security Mattan Vilna'i - who happens to currently be visiting Australia - to go there and head Israel's so-far unofficial delegation.
Speaking at a Likud faction meeting, the prime minister said that he asked John Key to allow the delegation to be upgraded to an official delegation and allow it to help in the effort to find two Israelis still unaccounted for after last week's Christchurch earthquake that left over 150 people dead. Additionally, the prime minister requested permission to use cellular data and tracking technologies to locate the two.
Israel has prepared a plane load of supplies to send to New Zealand but it has not departed.
The prime minister also spoke to the families of those missing in New Zealand. He said that Israel cares more for its missing than any other country in the world.