Police arrest five on suspicion of murder, weapon carrying

Police in the northern district arrested five suspects from the western Galilee village of Rama and the nearby villages of Deir Al-Assad and El-Bina on Tuesday morning aged 27-41 for suspected murder and attempted murder, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons.
The police raided the Abu Latif family compound on Tuesday, seizing seven million shekels worth of vehicles, 150,000 shekels of cash, and a large amount of jewelery and drugs of various kinds.
According to Police Commander Roni Attia, over the past ten years there have been several incidents of murder and violence in the Rama village in a bloody conflict between two rival families. The police have conducted dozens of investigations gathering evidence to file indictments for crimes of violence, drugs and weaponry.
The suspects remand will be discussed at the Nazareth Magistrate's Court, police say. Police forces continue to operate in the village.