Smotrich: Netanyahu will never form a gov't based on support from Abbas

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "has no intention of forming a government based on anti-Zionist, dangerous terror supporters," head of the Religious Zionist Party Bezalel Smotrich tweeted on Friday, referring to head of the United Arab List Party Mansour Abbas.
"Those who understand the Arab community know that on a long-term strategic level the Islamic Movement is far more dangerous than secular national movements," Smotrich wrote.
"Giving [the Islamic Movement] more power and budgets is strengthening the extremist religious factors in the Arab community at the expense of the moderate entities with whom there is a chance of reaching coexistence based on them giving up their national aspirations and forming a dialogue," he added.
"Netanyahu understands this, and unlike those who pretend to speak on his behalf ... has not even hinted that he intends on forming a government that will rely on their support and strengthen them within the Arab sector," Smotrich concluded, noting that Netanyahu had promised time and time again to not form a government that will rely on Abbas.
"We shall continue to work together and to ensure the formation of a right-wing government," Smotrich wrote.  
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