Maryland plagued by wave of antisemitic incidents over the weekend

Three incidents, one right after the other, share antisemitic hate throughout Maryland in the past weekend alone.

‘Banners of Hate’ placed by US white supremacist groups (photo credit: ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE)
‘Banners of Hate’ placed by US white supremacist groups

Three antisemitic incidents have plagued Montgomery County of Maryland throughout the past few days, police revealed on Tuesday, saying that they have responded to "three racist graffiti incidents in Maryland county."  

Local police announced it is investigating antisemitic graffiti found in an area of the Bethesda Trolley Trail Maryland on Sunday morning. On Tuesday, Montgomery County police announced that two other incidents are under investigation: Antisemitic writing found on a bridge and an antisemitic poster that was reported as well in St. Paul Park in Kensington, MD.

In the first of the three incidents, pray-painted swastikas and white power symbols were discovered on a white fence along the trail. According to local media, police said that as of yet, no one has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

Officials, offended

State Delegate representing Maryland's District 16, Ariana Kelly, said on Twitter that "Hate has no place in our community." 

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich shared in a statement on Monday that he is “saddened, upset, and, quite frankly, disgusted over the racist vandalism that occurred near the Bethesda Trolley Trail this weekend. 

"This incident follows other recent attacks of vandalism and hate throughout the County over the last several months," he added, explaining that the relevant authorities "will be investigating and prosecuting those responsible to the fullest extent of the law."

Jewish groups jolted

Local Jewish groups spoke out against the incidents, as well. “We are disturbed by Sunday’s discovery of antisemitic graffiti on the Bethesda Trolley Trail. These antisemitic and hateful symbols have no place in our society," said CEO of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Gil Preuss in a statement. "Our Jewish community will continue to stand strong and resilient in the face of hatred and antisemitism in all forms. Federation is working closely with our security team and the Montgomery County Department of Police to learn more about the incident and to continue to keep our community safe.”

The Anti-Defamation League's Washington, D.C. branch also spoke out, saying that they are "deeply disturbed to learn about this antisemitic graffiti that was discovered at Bethesda Trolley Trail." 

They concluded, "There is no place for this hateful antisemitic and white supremacist vandalism in Maryland or anywhere else."