Miss Iraq defends Zionism in latest X post

"It was my own people & religion that made me want to support Zionists," the pageant queen posted.

 Miss Iraq Sarah Idan. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Miss Iraq Sarah Idan.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Sarah Idan, known for her title as Miss Iraq, has turned to the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to defend Zionism.

Following a recent thread calling X owner Elon Musk out for increased antisemitism on the social media platform, the international pageant queen responded to social media criticism defending her support of Zionism.

One social media user criticized Idan's Iraqi heritage and her support for Israel, questioning why she supported the Zionist movement. She provided a passionate response:

"It was my own people & religion that made me want to support Zionists," she wrote. "I grew up with, & still deal with ugly antisemitism by my community. The more they open their mouth about how much they hate the Jews, slander & threaten me. The more I want to fight back. End of story."

This followed a series of posts on X in which she noted credible threats against her safety and well-being posed by members of her community for showing her support for Israel and the Jewish community.

In her earlier tweet she wrote:

“I’m not Jewish & it’s damn scary how much antisemitism spreading on X I can’t imagine if I were Jewish and saw this how I’d react,” she wrote. “@elonmusk I thought you said you won’t allow hate speech. I’m looking at literally neo-Nazis organizing events to 'combat Jews' Why [is] X allowing it?”

Antisemitism is a hot topic on X

Antisemitism has been a topic of interest on X in recent weeks due to X’s owner Elon Musk having a public spat with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The increased tensions have culminated in Musk filing a defamation suit against the ADL and the ADL requesting advertisers pull away from the platform until Musk deals with the antisemitism crisis.

Danielle Greyman-Kennard contributed to this story.