How to fall asleep on your next flight

If you want to sleep well, try these tips.

 Passengers on an airplane are seated in rows. (photo credit: MAARIV)
Passengers on an airplane are seated in rows.
(photo credit: MAARIV)

Sleeping on a plane can be a difficult challenge for many of us due to the fluctuations in the air, the crowding or the feeling of suffocation. However, Martin Seeley, an American sleep expert, has revealed several great tips that can help you fall asleep easily on a plane.

Do not drink alcohol on the plane

If you want to sleep well, Seeley recommends avoiding alcohol and drinking water instead.

"Although it may make you feel good, alcohol actually disrupts your sleep on the flight, and will make you more tired the next day if it's an overnight flight," he said.

Go for a walk in the airport

Seeley recommends taking a half-hour walk before you board the plane. Maybe take a walk around the duty-free section to tire yourself (or your wallet) out.

Be strategic about where you sit on the plane

If you can, you should carefully choose your seat on the plane. It is recommended to choose a seat away from the toilets, to avoid heavy traffic, and it is better to choose a seat close to the front of the plane.

"Not only is it expected to be the quietest area, but there you will be served food first - meaning, you can spend less time waiting for food and more time trying to sleep," he said.

Prepare a sleeping kit for the flight

One of the most important tips that Seeley recommends is packing a small bag with a few essential things for sleeping, such as an eye mask, cotton socks, a travel pillow, and earplugs or quality headphones that prevent background noise.