Letters to the Editor May 5, 2021: More on Meron

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Letters (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

 More on Meron

Regarding “Nation mourns 45 victims of Meron tragedy” (May 2), the celebration of the Lag Ba’omer in Meron has become a real pagan festival. Everything happens as if we were dealing with worshipers of fire, preparing the Molokh ceremony, decried in the Torah (Vayikra 18, 21 and 20, 2-5) and which consisted in throwing one’s firstborn into the fire. 
Many of those who understood the true depth of the writings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai – and who that night were far from idolatrous gatherings – prefer to meet in small groups to study the Zohar. Apart from the fact that this tragic event testifies to a perversion of religious practice, what happened in Meron is therefore a victory for Molokh.
Baruch Dayan Emet to all the victims of the tragedy at Mt. Meron.
I had just started to respond to “John Kerry’s treachery,” (April 30) by David Weinberg when the news of Mt. Meron hit the airwaves.
There is no greater antisemite than John Kerry, and President Biden put him into a previously non-cabinet position, that of “climate envoy,” with security cabinet access.
This is a man, who during president Barack Obama’s second term in office, began the ramp-up of his anti-Israel agenda.
One of his more callous and completely false claims, which took place during the 2014 wave of violence by the Palestinians against Israelis, was his “suggestion” that there was “justification for... the attacks... because of frustration... among Palestinians who don’t see any diplomatic movement.”
Now take Weinberg’s article about the Obama and Biden administrations again moving in an anti-Israel direction and juxtapose it next to the article by Seth Frantzman, “Pro-Palestinian, Hezbollah accounts rejoice at deaths of ‘occupiers’” (May 2).
Well Mr. Kerry, where is Palestinian “frustration,” in tweeting over and over about “20 terrorist murderers occupying Palestine dead,” or “we are celebrating the deaths of Zionists.” These pro-Palestinian accounts continued tweeting through the night, vile abhorrent tweets about the death of 45 innocent people.
I wonder what Kerry will say now about his favorite subject of Israeli-bashing. What pearls of wisdom will he have for Israel as to the treatment of our Arab antagonists? Not all are bad, but I’ve never seen or heard of dancing in the streets and tweeting happy death chants by Israelis over the tragic deaths of others.
Three things:
1. I must congratulate Seth Frantzman for his April 30 articulate masterpiece “Ex-CIA head targets Jewish suffering in Israel’s actions.” It was brilliant! Too bad it is lost on most ears, as the majority of the world’s leaders and peoples are inclined to agree with the likes of John Brennan.
2. Gil Troy, another favorite journalist of mine (and I must include Herb Keinon) hit it on the head with “Bibi is becoming a shark” (April 28), relating to Netanyahu’s arrogant behavior and the danger he has become to our nation.
3. Suggestion following the devastating, deadly disaster on Lag Ba’omer: Why not re-inter Shimon Bar Yachai’s grave to a level area, below the mountain, with walkways and open fields that the many of his devoted disciples can visit without the dread of anticipating what occurred this past week.
I agree with Herb Keinon’s assessment of the Israeli psyche in “It’s time to wage war on ‘it will be okay’” (May 2). 
Maybe it’s because we live in a miraculous country and take all the daily miracles bestowed upon us by God for granted. By all logic, Israel shouldn’t be here at all. What other people in history returned to their ancestral home after almost 2,000 years in exile, revived their ancient language, and created a ‘Start up Nation’  that is the envy of the world, especially most recently with our combating the COVID pandemic?
Aside from Keinon’s examples of recent tragedies, one sees this attitude in other aspects in Israeli society. 
About a dozen years ago we visited Mini Israel near Latrun. The park was open although it wasn’t quite finished. There were numerous uncovered holes in the ground where anyone could trip and fall, breaking bones. My wife and I commented then that OSHA (is there even something even like that here?) would never have allowed this place to be open to the public.
Driving in Israel, I’m amazed at how pedestrians cross the street at crosswalks (or not) without looking to see if there are any cars in the street coming at them. Women pushing baby carriages almost taunt drivers to dare hit them. Drivers cut in front of you, changing lanes without signaling or even looking to see if they can safely do the maneuver. 
This reckless “it will be okay” attitude embedded in Israeli society and culture needs to be addressed. 
Ma’aleh Adumim

Some sanity re: Hannity

Antisemitism is a very serious allegation. It conjures up memories of the worst crime in human history, the mass murder against the Jewish people in Europe under the Nazi regime.  An article published on The Jerusalem Post website over the weekend (“Did Sean Hannity use an antisemitic trope in ‘Bolshevik Bernie’ tweet?” May 2) charged Fox News commentator Sean Hannity with adopting antisemitic language, because he used what the newspaper described was “an antisemitic trope” in a tweet he wrote. 
The Jerusalem Post did not call Hannity an antisemite; it gave publicity to the accusation of others, none of whom exhibited any notable intellectual horsepower. 
In an era in which Israel is under assault in international bodies, attacking Hannity is not only untrue, it is an act which undermines one of Israel’s greatest allies on television. From whom do these wizards suggest Israel should seek help– the BBC? Having spent a number of days with Hannity showing him the basis of the our nation’s connection with Jerusalem, I saw his motivation. The man is determined to get to the root of historical truth. Sean Hannity is worthy of our praise and certainly not our condemnation.
The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

China: Grim and bear it

Regarding “Chinese embassy tweets and deletes antisemitic cartoon” (May 2, 2021), “The cartoon, posted on Thursday night, featured an image of the Grim Reaper wearing an American flag and carrying a scythe with the Israeli flag and its prominently-featured Star of David on it. The Reaper goes from door to door leaving a bloody trail behind him. The doors are labeled Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Egypt.”
It is shocking that China in the 21st century could be posting such a primitive, hate cartoon, which reminds us of the 1930s German Der Stürmer and 1970s Soviet Magazine Krokodil.
But on second thought, why should we be surprised? The quintessence of totalitarian regimes remains the same. 

A nation apart(heid)?

Regarding “UN panel to examine Palestinian apartheid charges against Israel” (May 4), this move comes after charges and headlines by left-wing NGOs such as Yesh Din, B’tselem, Human Rights Watch and J Street in the USA. There is no point in arguing with these so-called liberal progressive extremists. They are determined to destroy the Jewish state and establish an Arab/Jewish state where the majority of the population, sooner or later will be Muslim/Arab. 
It’s time to be more proactive. Jews know how to demonstrate. Witness the Balfour Street demonstrations. The meeting places of these organizations – as well as the UN building – should be continually confronted with giant pro-Israel, pro Jewish demonstrations wherever their poisonous meetings take place. Some will say that this will only draw more attention to them, but our collective passivity against these antisemites is inexcusable and only serves to strengthen them.
It’s time to fight back with (non-violent) actions, since words apparently fall on their blocked ears. 
Human Rights Watch recently issued a “report” accusing Israel being an “apartheid” state – a report the liberal mainstream media across the globe lapped up. 
Having tarred the world’s only Jewish state with the “apartheid” label, one would assume that people associated with HRW would have nothing to do with Israel, but their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
Neil Rimer, the co-chairman of HRW, runs a Swiss-based venture capital firm, Index Ventures, that  has invested tens of millions of dollars in nearly two dozen Israeli companies, including  My Heritage, Outbrain, Lacoon, Adallom, Wix and Capitolis.
Apparently HRW, as Rimer demonstrates, wants to enjoy the financial benefits of Israeli ingenuity while simultaneously issuing its antisemitic screeds. 
Margate, Florida

Dead-end (J) street

Regarding “What Israel missed by ignoring the J Street conference” (May 2), why give J Street such a prominent spot in its never-ending attempt to seduce unwary Jews to its side?
While my mom always told me if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all, she is 100% on board with my denunciation of J Street, Nadav Tamir and those of his ilk who seek to destroy Israel, and, in reality, the Jewish People from within.
Together we stand on three legs: God, Torah and the Land of Israel.  J Street is inimical to all of them.  While it hides behind its self-professed “Pro-Israel” label, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that its funders and active supporters are all anti-Israel.  And, that it finds its grass-root support from a generation of Jews who are mostly disconnected from their Judaism.
With a very left US administration currently in power and wedded to overturning the values that made America great, we may be ignoring J Street at our peril; however, acknowledging it only gives more prominence to its evil.  Tamir’s suggestion that we give J Street more attention is analogous to the ridiculous notion that we should have all, in the 1930’s, gone to gatherings of the German American Bund.  Shame on him, and the JPost for publishing him.
With friends like these...” (May 4) is spot-on regarding J Street. That group is quick to complain about the things they don’t like about Israel (but never about Israel’s antagonists) and harp on what they don’t like, but they fail to clearly put forth their own vision, which would result in the “eviscerating, if not dismantling, of Israel.” Adopting their approach would reward Israel with an “Oslo-like delusional situation that would empower genocidal Palestinian elements, weaken Israeli defenses and resolve, and result in chaos and warfare.”
There are many realistic, viable and solutions to the generations-old conflict between Israel and the local Arabs, but J Street’s toxic views only distance peace by encouraging Arab extremists.

Greer’s career

Regarding “‘Post’ reporter receives B’nai B’rith award” (May 3), I was so happy to read that Bnai Brith has honored Greer Fay Cashman for her journalistic achievements. For years she has enriched my knowledge about the efforts of individuals and groups who have contributed to our nation and our People. 
You are truly a woman of valor – and may you go from strength to strength.

Forsaken bacon

Regarding “Tel Aviv’s pioneering boutique Hotel Montefiore is back” (May 2), the write-up in the article was very impressive, but unfortunately I would only be able to sleep there. I am Jewish and I eat only kosher food. 
No, I am not demanding kosher food; it would be much too complicated for the management. But a kitchen prepared to serve vegetarian food? I assume this could be possible.

PA plagiarism

If you repeat a lie often enough it comes to be considered fact. You had a front page sub-headline that read “We want to vote in our Eternal Capital not Abu Dis” (April 30) quoting Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.
Jerusalem has never been the capital of an Arab state. Abbas’s use of the Jewish term “Eternal Capital” is a crude attempt at cultural appropriation of this core Jewish concept.
The Jewish connection to Jerusalem far predates the rise of both Christianity and Islam.
Jerusalem was the capital of the ancient Israelite kingdom going back to the time of King David. Jews turn in prayer three times a day towards Jerusalem and the holy city is a key focus of Jewish prayer and national aspirations for millennia. 

Scrambled Egged

Regarding “Superbus takeover of Jerusalem bus lines movers ahead” (May 4), while we should encourage competition we should also discourage waste.
It is reported that a private company will be taking over many of the routes operated by Egged in Jerusalem, with our banks lending large sums to purchase the buses. So we will end up with Egged parking areas full of unused buses, unemployed drivers and a bank making a nice profit.
Similarly, unable to deal with labor unions and to control the salary costs in the ports, new ports have been built and our small country will now have two ports in each port city, taking up large areas of natural waterfront. Once again people will be unemployed and companies will be making profits building and financing these projects.
The country is not being governed properly and untold millions will soon be spent on a fifth election while important matters are neglected because we cannot legislate a better system. We do not have money (or time) to waste and there is so much to do.